"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Friday, July 27, 2012

Golf Tourney!!

Griff had a great opportunity to go play in a Tournament in Washington July 13 and 14. This year he signed up for the Golf Channel Armature Tour. He was so excited to play here at Cambers Bay!
It was a 2 day tournament which he loved!! His brother Devin is in Washington for a couple months with rotations so Griff stayed with him. Dev went with Griff on the tournament to caddie for him and take pictures! Thanks Dev!!
This Golf Course was like none that he had ever played on before, he said that the bunkers we way deep and there was fog all over the course. He really loved it.
Griff did such a good job, He took 2nd place!!!
They gave him a $300 gift card to go buy golf stuff!!
It also qualified him for Nationals in Florida. I am so proud of him. He has really stepped up and made golf a priority this year, he is so good!! I am a little wishy washy about Nationals.. so is he. We are not sure if he will be going.. first of all it is in Florida (pricey), and secondly It is the 2nd week of September and we are Due October 2nd.. So if for any reason I was so to early he would miss it! We will have to play it by ear.
I could not be more happy for him. He was looking forward to this tourney for a long time and he did so well!! Good job babe!

Not to mention on July 21st Griff played in Clearlinks Golf tourney. This is his team and they took 1st!!! Yay!! He got more gift cards to buy more golf stuff. He sure had a fun shopping spree buying lots of great things!! Good work Griffy you are a great golfer.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hokulia Ice

Do you want to know what a Hokulia Shaved Ice is?? You will have to go to Provo and experience it yourself! It is amazing. See the ones in our hands? Those are smalls.. can you imagine getting a medium or a large? Holy moly it was so much shaved ice but yet so good. It is not your typical Snow Shack with the typical snow cone texture. It is more fluffy and delicious!!! They have this awesome machine that makes the ice like a cotton texture, they put as many flavors on top but we only did 3. Then you can pay $1 extra and get a scoop of ice cream in the middle.
We asked our friends Luke and Chelsea to meet us there.
It is the perfect treat on a summer day!


Because on the 4th we all missed the firework show... we decided that we would shoot off some at my parents house on 5th. They had bought some fun ones, so they invited us all to watch!! Griff and Zach both had other things going on so they weren't there. We did sparklers and had normal fireworks as well as the in the sky ones!! It wouldn't be July without fireworks! :D
LOVE watching fireworks, so glad that we were able to light some off!!

*4th of July*

4th of July this year was fun but different, with it being on a weekday it is hard to stay out late. In the morning Griff went into work, I had the day off. So I met up with my family at my sisters house and we had German Pancakes for breakfast. They were so yummy!!! Afterwards my mom and I went to Walmart to register for Blakelee. We were there for a few hours and got some great things on our registry. We then decided to go get Pedicures. :D
It was amazing to have someone rub my feet!! I loved every minute of the pedi and am hoping to get a few more before Blake is born. The rest of the afternoon we just vegged and had some lunch. Griff came over once he had finished his shift and a few holes of golf. It was then time to head to Sugar House for our annual BBQ and fireworks!! They food was delicious and the company was great. Love spending time with the family. We didn't stay for the firework show because we both had to work early the next day, so we took off around 9:30. We did get a fun firework show on the drive home!! Basically every city was shooting them off! Such a fun day, can not believe how fast this year is going... July is almost over. Crazy!!!

24th Birthday

For my Birthday this year Griff spoiled me!! With it being Leap Year it made my birthday land on a Sunday... Dang it. Sunday birthday's are really hard. So we celebrated all weekend long. On Friday when I got off work Griff took me to the Olive Garden, then over to the Home Goods store because I wanted to maybe buy something for our house with my birthday money.
So I got some lamps for our room, and some bamboo stuff for our floor vase. It looks so good all set up!! Then on Saturday I had the day off. I met up with Griff and we went to Chef Tom's Francesco's for dinner. I had never been there it was a really delicious place!! After dinner we went to a movie. Then home for bed!!
On July 1st my actual birthday Griff woke up and made me breakfast in bed. He did a bagel, breakfast burritos, and yogurt mmm...!!!
We had a really great morning just hanging out and relaxing then we went to my parents for some dinner and cake. Then over to Griff's family for movie night and gifts. I got some really awesome presents this year. Everyone really spoiled me!!
26 weeks!!
Even my visiting teacher spoiled me!!
Thank you for such a fun Birthday everyone, especially my hubby!! 24 has been a great age so far :)


On June 23rd our friends were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple!!
Congrats Karalee, Corbin, and Chloee we are so very excited and proud of you.
Griff and his family went to the temple to support them.. I had to work! Bummer I know, I hate missing the fun but I was able to head down town after work to eat dinner with them all.
After the sealing they invited us all over to The Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square.
It was such a special day!!
Thank you for letting us celebrate this amazing time with you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blakelee up to date!!!

First things first... I just realized that I haven't posted any Ultra Sound pictures!! Now I only have these 2 for now but I will get get more on here. I love looking at these and seeing our super cute little girl!! Both of these were from Fetal Fotos. We have gotten some from our hospital as well but I haven't put them on the computer yet.
Blakelee: 15 weeks

Blakelee: 16 weeks
Isn't it crazy how much bigger she looks from just one week!! It blows my mind how fast she is growing. I was telling my mom yesterday that I think she is running out of room to grow.. She keeps pushing and nugging me as if she is trying to tell my belly to give her more room. Maybe she will be tall!?? Griff's side is tall and she might inherit that gene! I can tell that she is head down, I have been feeling some pressure there. Her little feeties are right by my ribs, she kicks and pushes on them daily. If I am not sitting with my back straight it sure hurts with her kicking my ribs. The other day I was laying down and I feel this bump right in between my ribs so I kinda grab at it and realize that it was her heal!! She quickly moved it, I probably scarred her! She has been getting the hiccups a few times and it makes me giggle I love that every few seconds my belly will bounce with her hiccup!! Her wittle bummy is right under my belly button, she will wiggle and push it right up against me and make my belly button stick way out!!
My back gets really sore as the day goes on.. especially on the days I don't get much time to sit or lay down. All that weight that my body is slowly trying to get use to really pulls on my muscles in my back. At the end of a work day my feet are pretty sore. The bottoms are bright red and kinda swollen, that's the price I pay for a standing job!!
I am 28 weeks along but tomorrow will be 29!! I will get a picture up soon! Time is FLYING!!!!!! I am starting to get pretty nervous, excited, scarred, and so happy. 11 more weeks and we will be parents... Can you believe that. Today the image of Griff and I driving our baby home from the hospital entered my mind and it gave me the butterflies. I know she is in my tummy and that she will be making her entrance soon, but at the same time it doesn't seem real! I know that we are old enough to be parents but sometimes I feel like we are still that 15 year old couple!
With time going so fast we really noticed that we have so much to do!! So I have been online and in stores looking for things for her room. I think we FINALLY found her furniture... I think I have changed my mind over 5 times but I love this...
Her Crib...
Her Changing Table...
And her Dresser!!
I saw these and immediately showed Griff and he loved them too! We are going to pull the trigger to buy them in about a week :) I am so excited. I think that it will feel more real when I walk down our hall and see a babies room instead of a guest/ junk room. We are in love with our little princess already words can not describe how we fell about her!!
Griff will rub my belly and tell her that he loves her, it melts my heart!!!
I have been wanting all the Holidays to get here... which is really unusual for me, when it is summer I never want it to end. But this year all I want is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to be here. I think the reason is because we won't be a family of 2 anymore we will be a family of 3 :D!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Splash Pad

In my sisters neighborhood they have a kiddie pool that is called the splash pad. It is great for all the kids to swim in since the deepest it goes is 1 foot. On June 28th Linday the girls and I went to play in the sun. Laryssa loved every minute of it!! She is such a little fish. Jaelyn loved it too but she had to stay in the very swallow part. Some of Lindsays friends came and brought their kids, it was a full pool. We stayed for a couple hours then went to get some lunch and a gelato!! It was delicious!! Such a fun day with my favorite girls.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  • I am now working for SporClips Haircuts again, I was working for a Laser Company but decided that it wasn't for me!! I love doing hair not removing it.
  • Blakelee is all registered for. YAY!! I will most likely be hoping online and adding a few things here and there. It is amazing how many things you have to get for one little person.
  • I have decided on the colors for her room... Yellow and White!!! I love how classy and clean it will look, also it wont be so trendy with the baby pink.
  • My cute parents are going to buy the crib for us and I could not be more thankful! What a purchase that is and I am so happy to have such generous parents.
  • Griff is now working for the Clearlink in Orem instead of SLC. He has only been there for a few days but it seems to be treating him ok. Fingers crossed for a promotion.
  • I finally did it.... I chopped my hair!! My hair was getting way long, it was past the middle of my back!! So it is now still longer then my shoulders but I did cut 5 inches off!! I have to admit I don't hate it and I am glad I did it!!
  • My belly is certainly starting to show :)!! I had a client the other day ask: "when are you due?" me: "October 2nd!!" client: "your kinda big to be due in October!" I was very shocked at how blunt this client was.... Some people!!
  • I love my baby bump even if some people think I am large I think I am right on track! :)
  • Blake's room isn't even touched... I know we are so behind!!! We have a bed in her room we need to move or get rid of, a laundry dry rack, and tons of our clothes in her closet! First things first we will have to find a spot for these things to make room for her furniture!!
  • Where is a cheap but good place to buy a dresser and little book shelf for her room?? I think the crib will be a dark brown so I want the same color!
  • I am very behind on Scrapbooking. Life has been out of control busy with everything I haven't had any time to do any spreads.
  • Insurance is driving me crazy!! If you are still on your parents insurance and are married thinking about having a baby... Get On Your Own Insurance!!! With this Obama plan the parents insurance will not cover the baby... I guess I should of thought about it but I figured she would have some kind of insurance. Our options: Jump on Griff's work insurance and deliver at a different hospital with a different Dr., or pray and cross our fingers that Blakelee is healthy and take our chances without her covered.. Dumb I know!! We will most likely be moving hospitals unless something works out with my parents and Griff's insurance to cover her at Riverton!!
  • I am in major need of a massage!! It is amazing how sore your back gets standing on your feet all day long.
  • We can not wait to see what our little one looks like!!! Griff and I discuss it a lot... eye color, nose, length, weight, down to her fingers, and personality!! It will be so much fun to see how she looks.
This is our busy life in a nut shell!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

26 Weeks

How far along? In the picture I am 25 weeks but as of today I am 26 weeks almost 27, in 2 days!!

Total weight gain: Um... right around 10-12 pounds!! I hope thats not a lot. I feel like it is but I keep telling myself that is healthy for the baby.

Maternity clothes? Yep I am wearing them more and more as the weeks go on.

Sleep: I am getting some so I guess I have figured out how to rotate my body through the night. If I wake up on my back it is sore so I roll over to my side. When I lay on my left side her feet are there, so she kicks and basically walks on my side hahah so cute and fun to feel!!

Stretch marks? I am still clear from them!

Miss Anything? Being able to wear all my none prego clothes. High heels, jeans, and skirts.

Best moment this week: Having my birthday with her in my tummy!! I am offically 24!

Movement: She moves a ton but I feel like she moves the most when I am in the bath or in bed. She loves when I lay down I guess. :)

Gender: Our little Princess

Food cravings: I have been eating a lot of fruit!! It sounds so good all the time. Just juicy, fresh, and sweet!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Being out in the hot sun with out drinking enough water. Also if I am not eating enough, like at work when it gets busy it is hard to eat enough so I can tell I am not 100%.

Labor Signs: I don't think anything!

Symptoms: My ribs are getting super sore! I have a problem rib on my left side before I was even pregnant and now having her in their it gets beyond tender!!!

Belly Button in or out? Starting to poke out more and more haha. I love it.

Wedding rings on or off? I still wear it every day. And it will fit I think the whole time!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Depends on who you ask haha!! I feel like I have a lot of moods that I get into through out the day.

Husband this week: He has loved feeling all her flips and kicks!! He gets super excited knowing that he is going to have a baby girl.. yet at the same time very protective!!

Looking forward to: Getting my long Dr. Appointment over with this coming Tuesday!! The one where they check to see if you have diabetes or anything else... I am nervous for it and just want it done.

Baby Size: Head of Lettuce,  Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.

Names: Blakelee Marie Bland