"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texas Roadhouse

What a yummy Dinner!!
Love going out with my Hubby and my cute friends..

 Andres and Ali...
 Conley and Brandie... He does not like to smile for Pictures haha So we got what we could
Us just after the best Steak and Potatoes you could ask for.
So much fun everyone :)

House Decor..

Found these perfect decorations.
Can not wait to get our house decorated up all perfectly!!
It is coming together slowly but surely :)

Day 4...

...Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Everyone knows that My Husband is my Best Friend!! He has always been there for me and has made my worst days the best!! He is Amazing I can not imagine my life without him...
As for my favorite pictures of him..
ALL of his pictures are great. But I Do LOVE his mission pictures!!

 Isn't he SO Good Looking??
I know he is so good looking and that's not all he is The Best Husband EVER!!!
 Griff is my Best Friend, but I have really good and close friends that I love...
 ...Meet Lara.. She is such a sweetheart.
 ..I could not go a day without my Mom!
She is so amazing and helps me in every way possible.
 ...My Sweetheart of a Dad. He is so thoughtful and caring <3
 ..Love my Big Sis she is always there for a good chat and a fun day out!
 ... My fun work friends!! If they were not at work with me I don't know what I would do.
 ...My sister-in-law Whitney. She is just like my Little Sister :)
 ...Court and LJ Love them. They are so fun and so funny
..Jori, I have known her since I was 7 months old, her mom use to babysit me when I was a baby!
We have grown up together!!
Even though I have amazing Friends. I love them and could not ask for better ones.
Griffin is My Best Friend and he always will be!!!!