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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cornbelly's Tradition

Last year for Halloween we went to Cornbelly's with Steve and Lara.
We had so much fun so we went again this year!
They really do such a good job making it so fun with all their fun activities.
We love hanging out with Steve and Lara they are so cute!!
The Famous Pumpkin Tower!!
There are amazing pumpkins that people have carved.
Steve's hands were getting cold and we had an extra pair of gloves but the only thing was that they had monkey's on them. Hahah he was not ashamed!
The Monster Haunted House behind us!
It is the cutest Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage!
Oh my goodness these horses were they highlight of the night.
You rode them around a track while they bounced.
Griff and Steve raced and Steve totally turfed it!!
Then Lara and I raced.
It is really harder then it looks to get them to move quickly!!
BIG rocking chair!!!
Because it was the last night for Cornbelly's and they had extra pumpkins in their pumpkin patch they let us take some home!! Yay we didn't have to buy ours this year :D
What a fun Tradition we have with our friends!!
Can't wait for next year!


On October 26th my sister and I went to the Maverick Center to watch the
So You Think You Can Dance concert!!
Our mom won the tickets (she wins everything).
Before the concert started we went and ate at the Cracker Barrel.
I love that place!!
Then we walked to the Maverick Center..
.. During our walk from the Cracker Barrel we realized we left the tickets in the car!!
Dang!! So we had to run back to the car in the cold to get the tickets.
We finally made it in and got in our seats.
Let the show begin!!
It was so much fun to go with my sister and watch all the dances!
They were amazing.
I so wish I was good enough to be where they are!
I loved watching them!
During intermission Debbie and Whitney text us saying they had empty seats down on the floor.
So we went down and sat with them for the rest of the show.
Thanks for the good seats you guys!
He is from SLC!
Amazing dancer.
The Finale!
They did so good I loved the whole thing!!
Can't wait to hopefully go again next year.