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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This is a whole new life for Griff and I, we have been learning so much with our daughter. She is such a sweet little girl but being a newborn there are many times that she is very demanding. Her only way to let us know there is something wrong or that she needs something is by crying.. it can get very hard and frustrating but we are slowly learning what to check and knowing what she needs. She has a little bit of acid reflux, so after she eats if you don't burp her, or she just won't burp.. we know that within a few minutes she will either cry with a stomach ache, or spit up! We have learned that she eats every 3-4 hours and will eat 3-4 oz. She doesn't do well with Enfimill, it is harder on her stomach. She loves to be held!!! Sometimes it can get hard because we can't get much done. With me staying at home right now for maternity leave I feel like I should be cleaning, and getting more done then just feeding, burping, and laying her down for a nap.
It is such a rewarding feeling being a mom and I will admit that at first I was thinking "what did I get myself into?" but now since we have been getting the hang of things it is getting a bit easier.
It use to take me 30 mins to an hour to get ready and be out the door, now it takes 2-2 1/2 hours to get us both ready and be out the door. I usually try to get ready while she is sleeping then pack her diaper bag, get her ready and head out. The very first day I had to get us both ready and be somewhere was crazy!! I felt so lost and scatter brained. I am now getting things figured out, what to pack the best way to get us both ready.
People tell you it is such a life adjustment to have a baby but I was not aware how much adjusting there is. Plus with a little baby blues that you feel as well... it is very overwhelming. There would be days that I would just cry because she spit up in her hair, I couldn't figure out the best timing on pumping plus feeding, not knowing how to bathe my own baby with her cord still on her belly button, and a couple other things! Griff is amazing with my baby blues he just comforts me and tells me that we will figure it all out!! I would call my mom or sister and just cry to them as well. I have learned so much and my baby blues have slowly been going away. The first week she had such a hard time sleeping, she was in her bassinet next to our bed but she would wake up almost every hour if not more!! If I heard any noise I was up making sure she was breathing. We could not sleep and neither could she so we moved her to her crib. She slept so much better and so did we! I still wake up every once in a while, if I haven't heard her for a few hours, and go in to make sure she is OK.

Learning to bathe a new born is very tricky! They scream and are cold. I want to make sure she is clean so I don't want to bathe her to fast but at the same time I want to get her in her warm clothes and blankets so she is comfortable. The first bath I gave her was a sponge bath...
Then my mom helped me bath her in the sink.
Once her cord fell off her belly button we were able to bathe her in her tub!! My mom helped me so I knew what to do. Blakelee loved her tub.

Tummy time with daddy!! We put her on her tummy every few days, she actually doesn't mind it and does really well with lifting her head now.

Sleeping time.
After she is full with a clean diaper she sleeps like a champ!!
She loves to sleep on the couch...
In her crib..
Sometimes in her swing...
Only after a diaper change will she sleep on the floor...
In her car seat/ in the car...
She is a good little sleeper!!

Time for her to eat.
Daddy learning to multi task :)
She sure loves her food!!!
She was born hungry. That is what my mom said about me, so maybe she will love food as much as I do!

Bonding time!!!
We love to snuggle with our little Sweetie.
Bonding with her Cousin Beau. It wasn't much bonding as it was sleeping, but how cute is this!!!?

And picture time of her cute outfits or her just fun pictures.
She is now 3 weeks old and changing her looks every day. At her last doctor appointment she weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 21.25 inches long. So she gained 2 ounces from her birth weight and grew 1.25 inches!! She is so fun and so cute!!