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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ruth's Chris

For Christmas last year we gave Scott and Debbie a gift card to Ruth's Chris. We had one as well so we were finally able to set a date to both go. So on June 28th we dropped Blakelee off with my parents, Thank You so much for all your help with watching Blakelee, then went and picked up his parents.
Ruth's Chris was such a nice place. The service and the food was phenomenal!! I ordered the Fillet and Griff ordered the Rib eye. We were not disappointed. They were the best steaks that I have ever had!! I even took home probably a bite just so I could eat it the next day since I was so full.
It was such a fun night with great company!!
Lets do it again :)!!
We of course had to order dessert!!!
Cream Brule!! Mmmm.

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day this year we had a very full day ahead of us. In the morning we went to his parents ward to hear his brother speak. He did such a great job!!! After Sacrament all the dads got DAD'S root beer. I have never even heard of or seen these so I was so excited for Griff!!
Next we headed over to my cousins Homecoming talk in Sandy. It was so much fun to seen him!
After the talk we went to Griffin's parents house for a bit. We hung out with them for a few hours then over to my moms house for the Fathers Day Dinner!! She had lasagna red and white sauce!! It was so yummy. 
Once dinner was over we did gifts and hung around talking. My Grandma and Grandpa Payne came over to spend Fathers Day with us.
My parents gave Griff a Costco Gift Card so that he can go and get some fun toys from there!! :D
My dad got I-Tunes, a hose for his trailer, and a phone screen protector.
Once we were done with gifts and hanging out we got all ready for pictures with Griff's family.
Doesn't she look so adorable!?
We LOVE her!
Baby Jae just chillin!!
Happy Fathers Day to the best dad Blakelee could ask for!! She loves her dadda!!
And a Happy Fathers day to my dad and father-in-law!
We love you all!!!