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Sunday, February 17, 2013

50 Things You Probably Didn't Know...-

...about him & her.

1. He could eat chips all day long
2. She could have breakfast for every meal
3. He lived in Puerto Rico for about 7 months
4. She dreams of going to London 
5. He likes computer games and golf
6. She likes shopping and taking baths
7. He is the second to youngest in his family
8. She is the baby of the family
9. He was born Salt Lake
10. She was born in Salt Lake
11. His childhood nickname was Griff, G-money, Griffy, and G
12. She was called kmer and KM
13. He is a hard worker
14. She loves being a full time mommy and a Hairstylist
15. He speaks a little Spanish
16. She doesn't speak another language
17. He wants to travel a lot
18. She wants to see the world
19. He wakes up early
20. She loves to sleep in
21. He loves eating out
22. She hates cleaning up after cooking
23. He hates being cold
24. She loves being warm
25. He is learning to love more food
26. She is not a picky eater
27. He always makes her and baby feel safe
28. She and baby love that feeling
29. He can eat whatever he wants and never get fat
30. She would probably get fat
31. He proposed to her while at dinner at The Roof
32. She couldn't stop smiling for days
33. He makes the best hash browns
34. She loves to bake sweets
35. He dreams of being a pro golfer
36. She dreams of being a stay at home mommy
37. He loves teasing her
38. She learned to love the teasing
39. He loves the summer time
40. She loves the summer time
41. He is street smarts
42. She is book smarts
43. He calls her babe way too much
44. She calls him babe way too much
45. He loves rap
46. She love singing to country
47. He likes salt
48. She likes sugar
49. He loves her
50. She loves him

Thanks for the Super Cute Idea Caitlyn!!