"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fearless <3

Taylor Swift Fearless Concert 2009!!
May 26th Griffin and I went on an Amazing date.
We drove Down Town and ate at Crown Burger which was delicious, then walked to the Gateway to kill some time before the Concert Began.

We walked around Gateway and had some good
times in Dicks Sporting goods, Griffin and I really enjoy the out doors so we were looking at all the campinng gear and water toys that would be fun to have! We found these Kiaks that were not to bad in price and are thinking about getting them to go have some fun in. We also found the road
bikes....Griff has a Moutain bike and
really wants me to get a bike so we can go on somefun rides. While looking at bikes we found some sweet kid bikes haha!

Taylor did such a great job. She kept all our
attention through out the night, her music was very awesome and she performed so well!
Griff and I were pretty far back for her concert
but all in all it was still so fun and we made the best of our seats <3
Never in my life have I been to a concert that the singer actually gets off the stage and walks in
the crowd! During one of her songs she was on the lower bowl right by the stairs just inches
away from her fans. In the middle of her song she walked down the stairs and hugged
and shook hands with her fans it
was really fun to see that she cares about
the people who support her!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~Lava Hot Springs~

A few girls and I went on a fun adventure to Lava Hot Springs for a weekend. We stayed in a sweet hotel room that could count as a condo. We went to the Olymic Pool and Carlee jumped off the low platform diving board, there was no way I was getting my body up to that high of a jump haha. There was a rock wall that we all attempted to climb and somewhat make it to the top :)! The Hot Pools were so pretty, they have really made them very nice and relaxing it was such a nice get away. In Idaho you only have to be 18 to gamble so on the way home we picked up some Lottery Tickets haha!! Plus bonus we made it on 1 tank of gas the whole trip, YAY go my car!!

Almost there :)Our room was so nice!!The Outpost Shop such a fun random store...Such a Perfect day to swim and soak up the Sun!

Hot Pots, So relaxing

Dare to be Square! Ice Cream in a square scoop.Buckin' Bull! MwAh...

The river was Cold... But next time were floating it ;)