"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crystal Hot Springs

May 3, 4, and 5 my family and I went to Crystal Hot Springs. Griff had to work and couldn't get it off so I went with my family. It is in a little town called Honeyville, just north of Ogden. We went last year and loved it, so we decided to go again. There is a camp ground with full hook ups for the trailers, and then just down from the camp site is the hot pots. They are so relaxing to sit in!! On the first night when we got there we set up camp then went down to sit in the hot water!! Since I am pregnant I couldn't really get in.. I would jump in to warm up then just dangle my legs or go lay on a lawn chair. We then had some dinner and hung out at camp. In the morning it was pretty chilly so we hung out around the fire and had some lunch. After we ate it warmed up a little so we went down to play in the Hot Springs. The sun was out so we did get a little sun burnt but it felt so nice to have some warm sun hit us. After a few hours at the water we went back to camp for some dinner and dessert, roasted marsh mellows and banana boats! We did hang out around the fire until a wind storm hit us... So off to bed we went.
When we woke up in the morning it was time to pack up and go home... it went WAY to fast!!!
I love camping it is one of my most favorite get aways!!
Down at the Hot Springs the first night.
We had to move camp sites after we were all set up, because our 2 sites were flooding with tons of water...
The attack of the geese and ducks!!! They were surrounding our trailer.
Down to the Hot Springs the next day!!
Time for Mellows!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

19, 20, 21 Baby Bland

19 Weeks
20 Weeks
How far along? We are now officially 21 weeks along. More then half way!!!

Total weight gain: about 3-4 pounds.

Maternity clothes? I am still wearing Leggings, Baggy Shirts, but I have been wearing some maternity pants. They are so comfy!!

Sleep: Well I sleep a lot. I get home from work around 5 and I usually take a good long nap, then I am usually in bed by 10 or at least try to be! I do sleep good other then I toss and turn a lot trying to get in a comfortable position.

Stretch marks? None and hope I hope it stays that way!

Miss Anything? Sushi!! I have been wanting sushi so badly. Also being able to wear all my clothes I use to.

Best moment this week: Feeling her kick and stretch. Griff was even able to feel her kick pretty hard.

Movement: Lots!! She is a mover and a grover. We know that she is in there.

Gender: Girlie.

Food cravings: I have wanted Watermelon for these past few weeks, Sprite, and my most recent craving is Mcdonalds Hot and Spicy with extra Mayo.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Strong, gross, and powerful smells. Eggs... not as much as they used to but I still don't crave or want to eat them.

Labor Signs: I don't think any.

Symptoms: My tummy muscles are sore from them stretching and her kicking. Being tired every minute of every day. And I feel like I am hungry every minute of every day, but I can't eat a lot when I do.

Belly Button in or out? It is still not poking out!! But it is funny because it is stretching and getting flat... with it being an outtie belly button it is hard to explain!

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am all of the above. More happy and emotional then anything, but I can be set off pretty easily especially people I work for, with, and on. They can get the moody side out of me very fast.

Husband this week: He is such a sweetie!!! He understands why every time he sees me I am sleeping, and he lets me sleep. He loves feeling her move around and gets the biggest smile on his face when she kicks him. He loves talking to her too! He loves her and I very much he is going to be very protective.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery ready and going out to register for her!

Baby Size: Pomegranate, Average size: 10.5 inches 12.7 ounces
Names: Blakelee Marie Bland
Love you sweet girl, you are such a little wiggle worm!! Mommy and Daddy love you very much and can not even wait to meet you this fall. Keep growing and moving we love feeling your little feet, arms and elbows moving around.

Baby Progress

We have our very first pack of Diapers!!
Griff was out at Walmart the other day and when he came home he showed me his proud purchase. He bought them all by him self. They are Newborn size so we are on our way with the progress for this little girl. We still do not have a crib but I have an idea of the one we will probably be getting. The only hold back on buying the crib is I keep juggling between a white or brown crib... So eventually my mind will be made up. We have been receiving some major cute clothes for Blakelee!! She will be one styling girl. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and been so generous with all the fun gifts.
Getting ready for her has been such a joy in our life's.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doggy Sitting

Over the weekend a couple weeks ago Griff and I were able to Puppy Sit Bentley!! The Blands were in Arizona helping Megan and Devin move back to SLC, so we had some fun sleepovers with the little guy. We went and picked him up on that Thursday it was crazy weather outside. When we got to our house Griff took him out it literally was a blizzard! So afterwards we decided to bath Bentley so he was nice a clean for bed time. He did good in the tub, but afterwards he was having a hard time in his bed so Griff put him in our bed. The next day he spent the day at his families while Griff was at work and I ran errands. In the evening we picked him up again and yes he did sleep in our bed that night too. It was so funny, he was in his bed on the floor but did not like it I wonder if he was a little home sick... but he ran over to Griffin's side of the bed wanting to be picked up but he didn't, so he then ran to my side, then back and forth until we picked him and he snuggled us both all night. In the morning Griff's brother Eric picked him up from us to take him to his parents.
It was a fun weekend having a puppy!!!

Laura in town

Laura came to Visit!!
So us girls went to Mimi's Cafe to have some delicious dinner and catch up.
We miss not having Laura here... We don't get together nearly enough as girls anymore. I wish that we would all get together more ofter *hint hint*. :)
We know that Laura is loving living out of state with her hubby and having such an amazing time of her life but yet I say again we miss you and wish you didn't live so far away!
After dinner we went back to hang out at her uncles house. We talked for hours!! It is amazing how much we needed to catch up on and laugh about. I love these girls so much they are seriously one of a kind. You know you have a good friend when they listen and don't judge, laugh with you, and help you through what they need to.
Next time you are in town we need to do dinner again.

Half Bath Painted

A few weeks ago Griffin painted our half bath. We decided on a light gray color, it is a black and white color scheme. Griff had his friend Stephen come over and help him get it going. They did a really good job taping everything off and painting! After Steve left Griff stayed in there for a few more hours painting the second coat and the ceiling. The next day it was all painted!! It look amazing. He did so good we love it. We still need to go buy white paint so we can paint the base boards, once that is painted then the bathroom is all remodeled.
We got our cute towel rack hung up by the sink, oh my word it is my most favorite!!
Love how it is coming together!

Universal Studios

On the 5th of April we drove to Universal Studios. I had not been there since I was very young so it was all new to me. Same with Griff so we had a great time seeing all park. When we got in we went on the tour behind the scenes to see how movies are made. We got to see Fast and the Furious, Desperate Housewives, The Grinch, and many many more super fun shows. Afterwards we rode some rides (well my family did, the rides here were much to big for a prego girl) and ate some lunch. We watched a Water World show and did some shopping. The one ride I did ride was the Simpson's Ride, it was a very long long wait but so worth it!!
We left the park pretty late and had a good drive back to the condo. Once we got there we showered and fell asleep. In the morning we had a super relaxing day. The girls went to Downtown Disney to do some final shopping while Griff went Golfing, then back to the condo for some BBQ chicken and pool time. It was such a pretty day to soak up some sun. My parents and Grandparents only stayed till about 2 or 3pm then they drove to Vegas. Meanwhile Griff and I, Lindsay and Zach played some more in the pool and hot tub. Afterwards we got cleaned up and just relaxed for the night. Then off to dream land we went.
Griff woke me up bright and early 5am Cali time (6am slc time) to start our long drive back home! On the way we stopped for some breakfast and took some naps. It took us about 9-10 hours but finally Home Sweet Home!!!
What a fantastic trip. I loved every minute!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of April we went to Disneyland!
We were there for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. They wanted to go on a family trip to celebrate. So a couple of the families packed up and hit the rides!! On April 2nd we went to Disney for the early bird. We got into the park bright and early, the first ride everyone hit was Space Mountain. I sat out with the girlie's!! With me being pregnant I was not able to ride a lot of the bigger rides. We stayed at the Disney side for all this day. Everyone rode just about every ride in the park. I did sneak in Indiana Jones!! I love that ride!! For lunch Griff and I walked to McDonald's then met back up with everyone afterwards to fast pass some more rides!! We stayed late this night to watch the firework show. We were all very exhausted by the time we left the park... It was after 10pm, such a long day. We got back to our condo showered up and hit the pillow.
In the morning we got to California Adventures around 10am, it was nice to sleep in a bit. We did a couple rides and shows that Laryssa liked then off to the bigger rides. While everyone was on Tower of Terror, Griff and I took the girls to Bug Land to ride some of those rides. We spent the day on the Adventure side this day. We did walk to McDonald's again for lunch, then back to the park. We stayed there all night so that we could watch the World of Color show. It was amazing!!! Yet again we were very burnt out from walking around all day, we could not wait to snuggle up in our beds and get a good nights rest!!!
In the morning on the 4th we had to be to Goofy's Kitchen in the morning for Breakfast with the characters. They had all sorts of foods to eat and a couple very fun characters to see. Pluto was our favorite he was very friendly and loved Laryssa very much. they became good buddies!! Once our tummies were super full we headed to the park. This day we hit all the rides and took all the pictures we needed to still do before we were done with Disney! We had a very fun day trying to fit everything in. We left the park around 5pm and sat in the hot tub. It was such a fun trip to Disneyland we loved every minute of it. Even though our feet were very tired!! After the 3 days with Mickey we still had one more park to hit... Next we went to Universal Studios!!