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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Laura in town

Laura came to Visit!!
So us girls went to Mimi's Cafe to have some delicious dinner and catch up.
We miss not having Laura here... We don't get together nearly enough as girls anymore. I wish that we would all get together more ofter *hint hint*. :)
We know that Laura is loving living out of state with her hubby and having such an amazing time of her life but yet I say again we miss you and wish you didn't live so far away!
After dinner we went back to hang out at her uncles house. We talked for hours!! It is amazing how much we needed to catch up on and laugh about. I love these girls so much they are seriously one of a kind. You know you have a good friend when they listen and don't judge, laugh with you, and help you through what they need to.
Next time you are in town we need to do dinner again.

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Laura Willardson said...

aw i just saw this and love it!! Love the pic!! It was SO much fun being able to have a girls night while I was there. I miss you all so flippin much! It was fun catching up all night, it really was MUCH needed! I love all you girls and am so grateful for you all in my life!