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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DisneyLand: Day 1 & 2

Griff and I went to Disneyland with his family last weekend.
It was a lot of fun to see everyone and catch up!

We ended up driving to St. George on Wednesday and then to California on Thursday.
When we got into Anaheim on Thursday the boys got their golf things together and the girls got their shop on!!
So off to the Shops we went...
... We found some really cute things.
The boys also had a great time golfing in Cali!!
We then went to the Cheesecake Factory for Whitney's Birthday!!
She is the big 2-1!!
So we all went out to Celebrate.
In the morning we all got up and hit the Park!!

We had such a good time.
The first day in the park we hit just about everything.
Thanks to April and Eric they got us all hooked up with the Fast Passes so we could ride a lot of rides without waiting in to long of lines.
Mary Poppins :D
The first Fast Pass!!!!
We are all pro fast passers!!
Space Mountain.
I am so glad the Megan was able to come and hang out with us all!!
When she found out she was Pregnant she was not sure if she would make it to Disney...
... Being prego in the park is pretty difficult you can only ride certain rides.
So she sat out the big ones...
... And we missed her very much during them all!!
But Meg we will all go back when we all have little kiddos running around :)
A game in a ride.
The perfect Castle shot ever!!
Disney was a super fun 1 yr anniversary <3
I love my husband so much!!
We had so much fun going on rides and running around the park!!
Love you Griff!!
Yea we really liked Space Mountain!!
Haunted Mansion!!
Indian Jones!!
Griff's Favorite.
He even got the Drivers seat in the ride!!
Jungle Cruise!!
Splash Mountain!!
We didn't get to wet, Thank Heavens!!
Wet socks and pants all day is not comfortable!!
On our way to Lunch!!
It is much to expensive to eat in the park so we walked to McDonald's every day...
... I know it sounds gross but when you haven't eaten all day and your starving, anything sounds good!
Griffin Planking!!
Welcome to the planking world!
California Adventures!!!
Little Mermaid Ride!
Midway Mania!!
Soarin' Over California!!
Waiting for the World of Color Show!!!
It was amazing from what I could see...
... Some people are very tall and I am very small!!!
If you know what I mean!
There are a lot of pictures and more to come!!