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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bland Family Shower

My Mother in Law Debbie, and Sister in Laws Whitney and Megan threw me such a fun shower on September 22nd. Whit made these super cute Thank Yous, Megan made some amazing sugar cookies and a yummy fruit tray, and Debbie made a delicious breakfast casserole and had great goodies to go with it!! It was a family and friend shower, It was so fun to see everyone and meet some new people as well!!
I am 38 weeks here.
My sister and her husband were out of town to Cancun for their anniversary so my mom had both the girls. They were so good other then Jaelyn was very tired and just wanted to take a nap the whole shower.
First off we ate our yummy breakfast and chit chatted with everyone.
Next it was time to open up all the fun gifts. Laryssa LOVED helping me open all of them. We got great presents!! Everyone was so Generous.
Blankets, cute outfits, books, burp cloths, gift cards, and money!!
Cute outfit from April!
Books and Clothes from my mom.
Cute romper and bow from Megan!!
Bumbo from Debbie and Whitney.
Beau and Great Grandma Call. So cute :)
What a fun day with fun people. Thank you everyone!!! Everything is coming together it is crazy to think that her due date is in 5 days and she technically could come any time!!!