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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scrapbook Expo

My mom, sister and I went to the Expo to scrap out hearts out!!
We got their bright and early to pick a table and get all situated. We then walked around to look at all the shops and deals!
They had some amazing deals that none of us could pass up...
Wish I could of spent more haha!!!
We then started working on our pages.
I only got 3-4 spreads done lol.
We were having way to much fun chit chatting and shopping.
We had our friends Debbie, Jori, and Alica their as well so we all didn't get as much done as we would have wanted.
I started working on our Disney book from our trip last year. I just got done with our Honeymoon book and my mom is almost done with our Wedding book!!! Thanks mom you are great and have done such an amazing job on our book!!!
I love to Scrap now!!! I use to not care for it as much, but now that I am married and want all our pictures organized in a fun book to look at, I love to work on all our books!!
Dancing in the Dance off.
They do it in 3 rounds, I made it through all 3 rounds but wasn't dancing like a crazy person so I didn't win haha!! The 3 girls that did get a prize were acting like sea lions.
It was still very fun to shake it.
I MISS dance so much I wish I still danced like I did in High School..

Disney on Ice

A while back all the girls went to see Disney on Ice.
It was Toy Story 3.
Laryssa only liked it when Miney, Mickey and Friends were on the ice though...
Haha she didn't like when the Toy Story crew was out.
My mom spoiled Ryss and all of us with tons of goodies!!
Cotton Candy, Snow Cone, Chocolate Covered Marsh mellows, and Popcorn (Lindsay bought that!)
Thanks for all the yummy treats!
Loved our Girls Night out!
Her Buzz hat!!!