"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Monday, November 25, 2013

Heber Scrapbooking Weekend

October 24-26 my mom sister and I went on a Scrapbooking weekend up in Heber. The lady's house that we go to every month does a weekend once or twice a year with all the other consultants and who ever wants to go. We had a blast to say the least. We headed up on Thursday afternoon right after lunch. Once we made it to the HUGE cabin we unloaded our car and found our room. It was seriously so nice, we had a king bed, pull out couch, and a bathroom all to our selves. This cabin was so big it had a basement, main level, and 2 upstairs. Every room slept at least 4 but some slept more. There was play rooms, basketball court, big hot tub, pool, fire pit, theater room, game room, and a huge kitchen. We were all in heaven!!
Not to mention the view that we had out of every window and off of every balcony.
Once we toured around we settled into our table and started to scrapbook. Once you finished a spread you got to put your name into a drawing and got to wear a witch hat. 
While we scraped Dianne was cooking such a yummy dinner for us!!! She cooked every single meal and dessert for us the whole weekend. We had salads, soups, homemade rolls, breakfast casseroles, hot chocolate and much much more. Lets just say we brought many snacks and didn't even eat them because we were always full from such delicious food.
We stayed up until about 11pm or so and finally went to bed.
In the morning it was my moms birthday!!! 
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Lindsay and I and Debbie Donaldson gave her her present which was a cricut cartridge that she had been wanting. She was thrilled! We continued to scrap through the day and I won 2 prizes from the drawing so I picked out something, on my second time winning, that my mom wanted since it was her day. Then my mom and I went on a walk around the grounds of the cabin. It was such a nice night out, a bit chilly but still nice. We walked all the way around the little pond that was out front. There was a little spot of sand and canoes that we could use, we didn't but it would have been way fun!!
We also all got these little pumpkins that we had to decorate with the stuff that we brought and they were going to do a contest the next morning!!
We did a turkey and a spider.
We didn't win but it was still way fun to decorate.
Home made Nuts About Berry Salad!!! Yummy!!!!!
That night we decided to take advantage of the Hot Tub since tomorrow was go home day. So we took a break from scraping and headed out to relax!!!
My mom had a great birthday and we all had such a fun day!!! We got lots of pages done!!
We went to bed and woke up early to get more pages going since we had to leave at 4pm.... Sad!!!
This day was great as well. All while we scraped we had movies going in the back ground, did the pumpkin contest, and of course what would a vaca be with out a massage!!??
Our little deer friends!!
My mom won the candy corn contest and won a idea book!!! She is so lucky.
The crew!!!
We had so much fun and all did around 10-15 spreads. We ate way to much great food and relaxed so much!! We didn't want to leave and was super bummed out when it was time to pack up. They might be doing it again in the spring and if so We WILL be there!! We can not miss a party!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Witchy Witch

Every year my mom, sister, her girls, and I go see the witches at Gardner Village. We have made it a tradition and love going. This year we decided to let our girls wear their Halloween costumes. Griff and I hadn't told anyone what Blake was going to be for Halloween this year so my mom was super excited to see her costume. She was an Owl!! It wasn't as cold as we thought it was going to be. We layered up our girls thinking it was going to be a cold fall day, we went October 18th. We ended up unlayering our girls as the day went on.
Once we got their we just walked around and showed our girls all the fun witches and saw all the fun booths with the witch hats and toys. The girls loved all the fun toys and wanted one of everything. My mom then got a few pieces of fudge and shared them with all of us. Blakelee could not get enough of it and was so mad when we wouldn't give her any more.  
After a few hours of walking around my mom bought all the girls a cute stuffed animal. Blake got a monkey, Jae got an octopus, and Laryssa got a wand instead!! We then loaded up into the car and hit Kneaders for some lunch and called it a day.
Haha some of these faces just kill me!
They are the cutest and the silliest girls ever!!! 
LOVE them with all of my heart.
...My Precious Owl...
Until next year...

Little Pumpkin Patch

October 11th we went to the Pumpkin Patch with a few of our friends. We met Steve and Lara there and our other friends met us a little later Stefan and Becca.
We went to the Petersen Family Farm's Pumpkin Patch which is right off of Bangater by the District. Griff and I haven't been to a patch since we have been married so I really wanted to go and have Blake's pick out her pumpkin this year. By the time we could all met up it was getting dark and was a little later then we would've wanted.. but it was still a blast in the dark. Other then it was hard to pick the perfect pumpkin without the light. So we did our best and used our phones haha!!
I love my little family!!
Helping Blakelee pick her Pumpkin. 
She was so cute walking around and finding the one she wanted.
She found the Most Perfect one!!
Then she wanted a white one too and picked this one out for us.
Griffin found his perfect pumpkin!!
Huge right!??
He did so good.
Boys will be boys... 
Hahah Stephen placed his pumpkin perfectly in front of Griff right as I snapped the picture!!!
Stefan, Griff, and Stephan!
Aww I LOVE everything about all these pictures. It was a perfect night with some of our most amazing friends!!! We went to Longhorn afterwards for some delicious dinner then back to our house for a movie. It was one of the funnest nights!