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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Witchy Witch

Every year my mom, sister, her girls, and I go see the witches at Gardner Village. We have made it a tradition and love going. This year we decided to let our girls wear their Halloween costumes. Griff and I hadn't told anyone what Blake was going to be for Halloween this year so my mom was super excited to see her costume. She was an Owl!! It wasn't as cold as we thought it was going to be. We layered up our girls thinking it was going to be a cold fall day, we went October 18th. We ended up unlayering our girls as the day went on.
Once we got their we just walked around and showed our girls all the fun witches and saw all the fun booths with the witch hats and toys. The girls loved all the fun toys and wanted one of everything. My mom then got a few pieces of fudge and shared them with all of us. Blakelee could not get enough of it and was so mad when we wouldn't give her any more.  
After a few hours of walking around my mom bought all the girls a cute stuffed animal. Blake got a monkey, Jae got an octopus, and Laryssa got a wand instead!! We then loaded up into the car and hit Kneaders for some lunch and called it a day.
Haha some of these faces just kill me!
They are the cutest and the silliest girls ever!!! 
LOVE them with all of my heart.
...My Precious Owl...
Until next year...

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