"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My Grandparents just had their 50th Anniversary.
We all gathered at McGraths Fish House for a very good dinner and family time!
My mom made the table look so good.
Balloons, Confetti, and Sparkling Cider!!
It was a great night!!
Mom and Dad
Bree, Russ, and Lisa
Boyd and Rachel
Zach and Linds
Best Grandma and Grandpa a girl could ask for!!
Kortney and Jason
Me and my Handsome Hubby!!!
They got Willow Tree statues the Family ones!
They also got a letter or poem or just something from our hearts that we had written out for them.
This is what I did for them:

My Grandparents
My Grandma & Grandpa
Are one of a kind.
Who makes you feel so special
And warm inside.

They always give
you a hug or two.
And hold you close
with a smile for you.

Their house has always
been my favorite.
So welcoming and loving
No matter where you sit.

When you're down or sad
Give them a call.
They know just what
To say to never let you fall.

With great stories from each
And a treat in your hand.
You can't help but to listen
feeling just so grand.

When I think of my Grandparents
I smile from ear to ear.
They are just so amazing
Good thing their always near.

I Love them!!
Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!
Congrats on 50 years.
It will be amazing when Griff and I are at that time of our lives. Surrounded by all our loved ones our kids and their better half and kids!!
Just like my grandpa said family is the best thing in the world you can't ask to be around better people!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Freaky 13th

Some Superstitious People say:

- It is not good to be born on Friday the 13th because it means bad luck for life.
- It is not good on that day, change your bed because you will have bad dreams.

- Also one superstition says, the one who pass a funeral procession on this day will die tomorrow.

- On Friday the 13th, do not cut your hair, because a family member will die.

- Also, do not cut your nails on that day, it will be followed by bad luck.

- Do not start a new job or business on Friday the 13th, it will be followed by collapse or bankrupt.

- Do not start traveling on this day, only problems can occur.

- Also, ships should not be allowed to set sailing because it can sink into the sea.

- At the end, do not consult the astrologer on Friday the 13th, because of superstitions.

So, take care about Friday 13th. It is recommended to go for a sleep or going out into nature. Sometimes is not bad to be superstitious in a small amount.

13 Common (But Silly) Superstitions

13. Beginner's luck
12. Find a penny, pick it up …
11. Don't walk under that ladder!
10. Black cats crossing your path
9. A rabbit's foot will bring you luck
8. Bad luck comes in threes
7. Careful with that mirror
6. 66
5. Knock on wood..
4. Make a wish on a wishbone!
3. Cross your fingers
2. No umbrellas inside
1. Friday the 13th
(Everything found on Google)

It is crazy how Friday the 13th makes you think of all these things!!
I'm hoping to get to watch this movie tonight!! Haha Good Ol' Friday the 13th!!
I am just glad that I am not at work today.
As much as I'd like to say that I am not Superstitious, well sometimes I guess I am!
When I hold a mirror I think about if it were to brake... Or if I see a ladder I don't walk under it... Same with if I see a black cat!!
I bet we all have a little superstitious bone in our body!! :D
Happy Freaky Friday the 13th Everyone!!!

Play Dough and Polish

I love spending time with my cute little girls!! Last week I spent all Friday hanging out with them.
We played with Laryssa's Play Dough kit.
She made me Pretzels, Cookies, and Strawberries out of Play Dough.
We had spent quite awhile playing!!
Painting our nails!!
We painted Jaelyn's toes for the first time!!
She was so funny to watch.
She was confused why her mom was holding her foot and kept looking at her!
She kept pulling her foot away from her mom so her nail polish was on more then her toe nails haha!!
What a silly little girl.
Love them so much!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ringing in the New Year!

New Years party with my Parents!!!
Griffin drove with his brother Devin down to Arizona, where his brother lives, to return their rental car and drive back his own car.
Reason being, they had their baby boy 9 weeks early over Christmas and had to figure out how to get everything in order. So Griff offered to drive with him to AZ so he had some company.
Yes 24 hours of straight driving... but on the bright side they did get to golf, stop in Vegas for a bit, and have a good brother bonding trip!!
So since he was out of town for the Holiday I spent it over with my parents.
They made it so fun :D
I have the best parents ever!!!
We kicked the night off with some Fondue.
Meat, Cheese, and Chocolate.
Our drink for the party!!
Sparkling Cider.
I promise you my mom was here celebrating with us haha.
But she just didn't want to be in pictures because her hair wasn't done..
.. even though she still looked cute!

This one is for you Dad!!!
My last night drinking soda/ carbanation.
This is my off year!
Happy Early New Years!!
My poor dad had to work bright and early the next day...
So he was a trooper and stayed up till 11:30pm but he just got way tired and had to go to bed.
So around 10ish we went out and lite up some fire works so he could ring in the new year!!
Our entertanment for the night!!
We LOVE Seinfeld!!!!
Wishing Griffy Poo a Happy New Years!!!!
He was very sleepy and almost asleep.
Just a few seconds till 2012 is here!!
Pots and Pans are the best way to ring in the new year!!!
I felt like I was 7 again while banging on my pan!!
There is my Mom!!! Told you she was there :D
Thanks mom and dad for letting me hang out with you guys!!
Love you!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking back...

... To the days of when we were dating.
It is crazy how much things have changed since High School and after High School days.
8 Years have passed since we starting dating and now we have been married for about 1 1/2 years.
Man time sure does fly.
It is hard to go out like we did when we were dating,
most days and weekends we just want to stay home and hang out.
I love it!!
Of course going out is fun but it is amazing how staying home is so much fun!!
We have many shows that we watch together, Treats we make together, and fun conversations that we have.
It blows my mind that we have been through so much together and our relationship keeps growing stronger!!
With our 8 year dating anniversary just passing, Griffin's mission date passing, and Valentines coming up on us I have been thinking a lot of us lately!!
"Everything happens for a reason" I love this saying so much!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pigeon Problem...

Griff and I have been living in our house for a couple years now (Griff lived their before we got married), and every day since we have had roof mates... The dreaded Pigeons!!! These dang pigeons live on top of all the houses in our neighbourhood!! How annoying I know. We have to sweep our walk way a couple times a week and really should sweep it every day. That is the last thing we want to do when we get home from work. Griff will go out with a bucket of soapy water and clean it really good. Yet the pigeon poop is back the very next day! We are so dang feed up with this problem.
The other day I get home from work and almost step on a dead pigeon... It scared me so bad. I was ticked!! Why the heck was there a dead nasty bird by our house? That is so gross and not to mention so unsanitary...
So I call Griff and ask him if he did something to the bird because he is so frustrated with the problem that he says he wants a blow dart gun to get rid of them hahah! He of course did not hurt this gross bird.
When we both get home for the night we see a cat enjoying his dinner by our house. You guessed it the bird!!
We did get rid of it and cleaned it up I might have been freaking out while I was helping Griff dispose of the Pigeon...
We are done with this problem. We called our HOA and told them how bad the problem was and all they said was we are aware and will be doing something about it sometime soon.. Well they didn't do or say anything that made us happy. I hate that we are paying money each month to HOA for nothing!!! Makes me so mad.
So we will be getting an Owl or something to get this disgusting creatures away from our house and front door!! If there is a better solution to our problem I would love to know about it!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


1~ No Soda
2~ Limit down the eating out to 2-3 times a month
3~ Better our Budget
4~ Family Prayer every night
5~ Read our Scriptures together
6~ Organize the house
7~ Work out/ Run together
8~ Be more understanding
9~ Build our Food Storage
10~ Cook more dinners
11~ Learn how to to be Coupon Savvy
12~ Save more and more into our Savings
13~ Go on more dates instead of staying at home
14~ Smile and don't let anyone make us frown

There are many things that we are going to do this New Years! I know most people say they will be doing their New Years Resolution but then they only do it for a month...
We will be sticking to ours the best we can. I have a good felling about this year. 2012 is going to be one of the best. I was sure ready for the New Year. Knowing that we were going to start all these things stated above makes me very happy. I know that we will be able to accomplish them the best we can!! Can't wait :D