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Sunday, April 11, 2010

We are ENGAGED!!!

Yesterday was the best day of my life...So far!! Griffin suprised me by Proposing at The Roof. He had this whole night planned out down to me thinking I invited my parents to dinner... Little did I know he talked to them earlier in the week to ask their permission. What a cute fiance :) We had reservations at 5:30 when we got there his family was already at the table waiting for us. So we all sat down gave our drink order got up and hit the Buffet. My parents and I headed back to the table first because him and his family were taking a bit longer.. Now I know why haha Whit had the ring in her purse and they had to wait for me to leave so they could do a little switch a roo!! So when they sit back at the table I notice Griff only has about 3 things on his plate and he his pushed back from the table so I look over at him and say "why aren't you eating?" So he says... " I have an announcemt!" So I look over at my mom then his mom then Whit and they all have tears running down their cheek.... I then see my mom grab the camera! I knew what was next so I start to tear up and Many tears start falling down my cheeks. Griff says " Not only does she look Beautiful tonight...." Gets out of his chair and gets down on one knee, Opens the ring box "Kristin Marie Anderson will you Marry Me??" I am at this point crying I can not even talk!! So I nod my head Yes Yes!!! We hugged and kissed many times and he placed the ring on my finger. It was a dream and still feels like im dreaming... My ring is So amazing and so is my Fiance I love him So much and Can not Wait to spend eternity with My Best Friend!!!
The Proposal!

We are Engaged!!!!!!

Sneaky families all in on the plan!
My Handsome Fiance

My Beautiful Ring!! The best 1st time to The Roof!

My Family!

The View... So amazing
So in Love!
Engaged at last!!

Our Amazing Family!!

Love them!!


Easter at Grandma Anderson's. We went on Easter day did an Easter Egg Hunt. It was very fun to run around the yard with all the cousins finding our eggs. Once we found them all we opened them up and out poped coins!! So fun to keep the tradions alive!

Me and my cute sister!

Griff and I after the Egg Hunt.
Love My Family!!

Easter Morning Lindsay, Zach and Laryssa came over to have a brunch with us. Mom gave Laryssa all her presents... She gave us ours too but Laryssa was much more entertaing to watch open her gifts!! She got bubbles so we took her outside to show her how they worked and everytime the bubbles would float around her she would say "Ooooooo!!!!!" haha she loved them.

For Easter Eve :) Griff and Steve planned a date night with their girls. So they took us to Tepanyaki Mmmmm!! Delicious. It was so dang good and so fun to see them cook the food and show off all their amazing tricks! Dinner and a show :) Thank you Babe!!!

My Family at Grandma Paynes the week before Easter. We had a BBQ and an Egg Hunt! This year Grandma booted me from the hunt she said 21 is the cut off... dang it haha!! So I got to watch the cousins run around the yard and finnd their eggs.

Laryssa's 1st Egg Hunt!! She knew right what to do!


We went to the U of U gymnastics meet with my parents, Lindsay, Zach, and Laryssa! U of U won. Wooo it was awesome.

Laryssa Babyy is 1! Oh my word. Lindsay and Zach through a Birthday Party at their house for her 1st Birthday. Both sides of the family were there and the great grandpartents. Also some family friends. What a good time we had!

This is her own cupcake for her birthday! And this is what she did to it while eating it.. LOL what a silly little girl.

Griffin and I at Laryssa's Party!!!

Babbyy girl opening her presents from everyone.
She made a Haul!! It looked like Christmas morning had just taken place :)

Laryssa's 1 year pictures. I love her!

For St. Patty's Day Griffin, Luke and I drove to Wendover to meet up with Ely and Lance who were there already to celebrate Ely's Birthday. When we got to Wendover we gambled on the slots then headed over to the tables! Griff was trying to show me the ways of Craps... Um still do not understand that one. But I do understand Roulet and I really like that game! We made pretty good and all left with more then we went with!

For Ely's Birthday he had everything you could think of that was green!! We all loved and were rocken the Mustache.
Lets win big!!


I can not believe Febuary is already past... This is what I did this month!!

Lindsay and I took Laryssa swimming at the indoor swimming pool!! Laryssa is a little fishy.

Laura, Courtnie, Crystal and I had a girls night out! It was so much fun. We drove down to Provo to meet up with Laura. Once we got there we went out for some yummy Pizza and Salad! It was so good! I love these girls whenever I am with them I laugh it is the best thing ever!

Phone booth!!
Our Tradational Bathroom picture!!

Yummy Yummy Pizza

After we ate all our dinner we went Hot Tubbing!! It was a really big Hot Tub!! It felt so good to sit back and relax with the girls!! We didn't even realize the time till we looked at a phone and noticed we had been in there chit chatting for over 2 hours!! Love it!

I did my Gorgeous Cousins hair for her Jr. Prom!! She is so Pretty.

Griffin and I went to The Melting Pot for our Valentines Dinner this year!! We had been there before but not for the dinner we always go just for their Fabulous Dessert. And just for the recored the dinner is just as Fabulous!!!
My cute guy suprised me with Beautiful Roses they were at the table when they seated us!!
My Handsome thoughtful man!!!

For Debbies Birthday this year the family and I went to Fat Cats Bowling to celebrate!!! We had pizza, ice cream and bread sticks! Not to mention 2 hours of bowling. It was a blast. I sure didn't bowl to well but it's all good I loved every minute spending it with the family! Happy Birthday To Debbie!

The cute girls, minus Megan... :(

My pro bowler!! He is amazing, not only does he just toss a bowling ball down the alley way he puts a spin on it. How crazy, and they go straight for the pins and knocks them down.

The Circus came to town! Griff, Whit, Debbie, and I went to the Circus. It was a blast they had everything there. Motorcycles in a circle cage, Bears walking on a barrel, hulla hoopers, rope climbers... Everything you can think of!
They even had an Elephant Ride. We were seriously thinking about getting on but it wasn't worth the money. But how fun!

They even had a Jumpy Zone!! Whooo.

Watching the show and taking Picture :)