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Sunday, April 19, 2015

January in Review

..January 1st..
Bathing and getting her own hair wet. She never use to do this. Once she figured out how to not get her face wet, she loved it!!
..January 2nd..
Errands with my girls!! When Blake gets really tired in the car she will try to have a conversation with you to keep herself awake! She was enjoying her sucker and trying to keep her eyes open until sleep won!!! And her sucker got stuck to her face haha!!! Then my cute Savvy and I took some pics while Blake's napped!!

 ..January 4th..
Sundays, Movies, and Jammies.
 ..January 6th..
Getting ready for bed.
 ..January 8th..
Day off with the girls. Savvy's 4 month appointment. Then lunch date and play date with Caitlyn and Noah at Zupas!! Blake and Noah are the cutest!
Shots.... Boo!

..January 9th...
Potty training days!!!

..January 10th..
She loves sunglasses.
..January 11th..
Sundays. Blake's loved making friends in sacrament. Then I had to take some pics of my matchy girls. There are days that I purposely match them then other days I don't even realize that I must be in a certain color mood and all 3 of us match!!! I love having girls!

 Relaxing after church!
 Then to grandma's for dinner!!!
 Savvy's first time having solids!! She tried Sweet potatoes first!!! She wasn't to sure about them... only had a couple bites and didn't keep much in her mouth!

Then sister bath!!
 ..January 12th..
Selfie :)
 ..January 14th..
Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum!! 

..January 21st..
Savvy girl! 

Blake has to come with me to get the mail every time!!! Then potty time and a movie!

 Not to mention at work this day my clippers completely blew up!!! While I was cutting a guys hair they sparked really bad. So I placed them on my station while making sure my client was OK. He was laughing and said he was fine, all while they sparked even worse pretty much caught a small fire and the cord completely shot off from the clipper!!! I was horribly embarrassed all while laughing and making sure he was OK! He was completely fine and was laughing with me and couldn't believe what had happened!!!! So I finished his cut with  my friends clippers then had to go buy new ones! Don't worry I got a totally different brand and the warranty. Because the Wahls I had weren't even 2 years old... So they shouldn't had blew up! haha! What a day!
 ..January 22nd..
Day off!!! Woot!!! Love spending time with my best girls ever!!! Started the day off with Blake thinking she needed Deodorant! 
Getting Savvy in the morning is such a treat!! She is the smiliest girl ever.

Matchy girls!!! GOLD is the new BLACK! :)
 Going to Grandma's house, when we get there I turn around and see this! Hahaha!!! 
I think I have a piano player on my hands. This piano has been in the family for years! Both my sister and I learned to play on this piano! It is such a special piece of furniture! And I love seeing Blakelee have so much fun on it.
 ..January 24th..
Saturday night bath time!
 ..January 25th..
Sunday Funday! And Matchy photo shoot! :)

 ..January 26th..
Giving solids another try!! This time it was Apples Carrots plus Parsnips Puree!! Sounds gross I know! It was a little more successful! The problem with feeding her solids was she use to thrush her tongue.. I think that was what the doctor said... She would push her tongue out every time I would feed her which would result in her not eating any food! Haha silly girl. Not to mention Blake having to eat her yogurt at the same time Savvy was eating. 
 ..January 27th..
Girls day! Naps and Nails.

..January 28th..
Blakelee- "look mom baby Santa!"
 ..January 29th..
Love these 2 girls more then anything!
 ..January 30th..
FOOD!!! She is getting better and loves to say Mmmm with every bite!
 And there is Blakelee eating her food too!! :)
A great January!! I am so behind on blogging and love spending time with these 2 Blondies!!!