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Friday, January 6, 2012

Pigeon Problem...

Griff and I have been living in our house for a couple years now (Griff lived their before we got married), and every day since we have had roof mates... The dreaded Pigeons!!! These dang pigeons live on top of all the houses in our neighbourhood!! How annoying I know. We have to sweep our walk way a couple times a week and really should sweep it every day. That is the last thing we want to do when we get home from work. Griff will go out with a bucket of soapy water and clean it really good. Yet the pigeon poop is back the very next day! We are so dang feed up with this problem.
The other day I get home from work and almost step on a dead pigeon... It scared me so bad. I was ticked!! Why the heck was there a dead nasty bird by our house? That is so gross and not to mention so unsanitary...
So I call Griff and ask him if he did something to the bird because he is so frustrated with the problem that he says he wants a blow dart gun to get rid of them hahah! He of course did not hurt this gross bird.
When we both get home for the night we see a cat enjoying his dinner by our house. You guessed it the bird!!
We did get rid of it and cleaned it up I might have been freaking out while I was helping Griff dispose of the Pigeon...
We are done with this problem. We called our HOA and told them how bad the problem was and all they said was we are aware and will be doing something about it sometime soon.. Well they didn't do or say anything that made us happy. I hate that we are paying money each month to HOA for nothing!!! Makes me so mad.
So we will be getting an Owl or something to get this disgusting creatures away from our house and front door!! If there is a better solution to our problem I would love to know about it!!