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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jazz Game

On April 12 Blakelee and I had a little girls morning!! We got all dolled up and took some pictures. Now how cute is she!!?? I just love her so much and she is just so photogenic. It is the best thing ever!!
Afterwards we turned on Toy Story. Blake absolutely LOVED it!! She loves any and all cartoons. She just laid there enjoying the show haha.
Once Griffin got home we headed to the Jazz Game. I don't remember who they were playing but I do know that they won, Yay!! We went with Griffin's family. It was a very fun night.
They made this pyramid and the top guy got a basketball. The whole pyramid fell straight down and the top guy put the ball in the basket. It was really awesome to watch. 
Eric totally photo bombed this picture lol!
During the on of the time outs they were throwing these balls out to the crowd, one of the guys who was throwing to our section stood right in front of us so I put my hand out hoping he would just give me one... And he did :)!!
Blake was not loving how loud the game was but for it being loud and past her bed time she did awesome!! She loved her first Jazz Game!! 
So glad that we were able to make it to one of there winning games before they didn't make it to Playoffs!! What a fun night with our family!

London England

April 7th was such a fun day. Our friend Collin was in town from London England!! My uncle and him served their mission in London. So when my Uncle came home he brought back some of his Mission Companions in 1996. We grew to love these men!! So when I heard that one of them, Collin, was coming for a visit I wasn't going to miss it!! We all met at my Grandma Payne's house for brunch and to hang out. All the family was there and we even skyped Paul, which was another companion from England!!
What a great Reunion!!
Now it is time for us to go and visit them in England right?? :)
I will go there one day in my life. It is on my Bucket List!!


How could I not post these cute pictures of our precious girl?
I might take a ton of pictures of little Blake but it is just because she is so dang cute.
Yep it is official she HATES her bows. Haha It is being worn as a necklace.
Tipped over playing on her play mat because she wanted her stacking toy.
LOVE HER!!!!!!