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Monday, April 18, 2011

Laryssa's Pictures

She is such a good picture taker!!
She loves having a camera in her hand so she can take
as many pictures as we will let her take!
It makes me proud! :D
She is learning well!!!
Pictures are the best thing in the entire world.
She will learn to take amazing pictures (not that these aren't amazing haha..)
She is such a sweetie!
Keep up the good work Baby Girl!!!
Love you cutie!! <3

Egg Hunt

 We went to Grandma Paynes for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! It is such a fun day. We Hunt for eggs, Have a ham lunch, and Easter gifts.
Love getting together with the family!
Uncle Griffin helping Ryss getting her jacket on for the hunt!
Finding all her eggs :D
Getting our fun presents from Grandma!!
She insisted on a band aid!!
So I got her one and she would say "I fell Down!!"
Haha she is so cute she has such an imagination!
Blowing bubbles with her cousins!!!
When the bubbles would float away from her she would try to catch them..
..She would say "Reach!!!!!"
Because she would reach them!
So much fun!!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa :D
I love the fun traditions we have for all our Holidays!!!