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Thursday, October 28, 2010


On our way to the Airport For our fun field Honeymoon!

On the Plane heading to Flordia

They gave us the Cheerios for our breakfast on the plane, I have never been given anything more then Peanuts on a plane ride :D
WOOoo Honeymoon here we come!!! We had never been to Flordia before, Other then Griff had just for a port for his cruise. The Flight wasn't that bad they had the movie Date Night on so we had something helping the time pass. We took a few naps as well... we got married the night before so that day was very long and lots of excitment so we were pretty tired. We landed in FL at about 5pm. Got on a shuttle to take us to get our rental car, HHR haha what an awful car. But it got us from point A to point B so it was great, Other then the short in the cab lights lol I thought our battery was going to die.
Once we got our car we headed to the Marriot to get our room, it was such a pretty hotel!! But the parking was outrages!! We had to pay about $80 per night just to park in the parking lot and across the street was about $100 a night. Welcome to FL!!
We got all unpacked and settled, then freshened up from our flight. We went out to get some dinner, we found a Hard Rock Cafe it was very yummy :D After dinner we walked around, there was a dock just out the door. There were tons of Yahts that were HUGE!! It was so pretty to see the city and all the Boats!!
On our way to our day cruise we passed this sign!! Griff is famous!
The day cruise took us to the Bahamas!! It was so much fun :D We were on the boat at 9am and starting cruising to the Bahamas. There was a casino on the ship so of course we played there, and there was an all you can eat breakfast so we hit that up, it was very yummy with mini pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, and everything you can think of!! It was a littler cruise it was much older then the ones you go one for a week or so... But it was still way fun and nice for just a day get away!!
Our all you can drink cups!! We bought these cups for like $2 and were able to fill them up with any drink all day long!!
The Bahamas!!! So pretty I want to live there Minus the major Humidity!! But the sand was pure white the sun was super warm, Palm trees were everywhere and way nice people :)

We got to bargin shop!!! So great we loved it getting super good deals for way cute jewlery and oh a piggy bank!!

The Moon!!! It has been very special to Griff and I since we were dating!! Whenever the moon was a cool color or big and bright, or just when we were outside we would love the moon! When Griff was on his mission we said every night or when we were having a hard time because we missed each other, we would just have to look at the moon because we could look at the same one. One night we set a time that we both would look at the moon together.. sounds cheesy but it was so special to me and him!!
When we got back from the cruise we went to get our car to head back to the hotel... This is how much it cost us to park for the day!! Flordia Traffic!! Crazy Drivers, thought we were going to get hit like every day!

We went to Ft. Lauderdale's beach and just hung out while we waited for our time to go Snorkel!! The Ocean was warm!! We swam and then laid out to chatch some rays!!
Snorkeling!!! On our way to find the spot to dive in..

Hahah :D

So I am super Terrified of Sharks and other sea animals.. So for me to jump into the middle of the Ocean was kinda scary.... Griff was super sweet and was right by me the whole time. Once I got in the water it was ok I did keep lookin behind me and around me to make sure only little fish were close by!! Snokeling was fun!! We saw some fun fish and tasted some nasty salt water too!! All in all I would Snokel again.
The Houses on the Ocean were Ginormous!!!
After Snokeling we hit up a little shop for some Lunch!!
Our AMAZING view from our Hotel Room!!
Enjoying some swimming time!!

Driving to South Beach...
To do some shopping in there amazing and huge shopping mall!!! I have never seen so many stores in one place :)
We were buring hot with the heat.. So we stopped for some frozen yogurt :D
Deep Sea Fishing!! Griff was so super excited to go fishing. We found a way good deal on night fishing so we hopped on the boat and headed out to sea!! Night fishing was way great the only thing is you catch bigger fish during the day! So next time we go we are going in the day time!!
These are like Carp... I guess you could catch these and eat them if you really wanted but I sure wouldn't!!

We caught 13 or 14 fish totall!! It was so much fun, Griff did amazing he caught 9 out of our haul!! We didn't bring a cooler and this company didn't ship the fish home so we didn't get to eat any of our fish... But I guess that's ok it was still so fun!!! And no we did not get sick :D

Walking the Boadwalk!!! I loved it.
Time to check out of the hotel!! The Honeymoon is now over...
But first time to drop off the HHR!!! YAY!!!

In the airport Heading home!! We had such a good time in Flordia and can not wait to go back! Griff and I have waited very paiently to go on a vacation by ourselfs!! Now time for more Vacations and fun feild times with my Hubby!!