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Sunday, January 24, 2016


On June 12th Lara invited us up for a day at Snowbird. Her family does a whole fun vaca up there, so the girls and I packed up our day bags and met her for the day!!!
We started the day off with some swimming! Blake was in heaven and was a total fish. She didn't want to get out of the water. Lara's dad and Blakelee became buddies and were playing so cutely together!

 Savvy lasted only a little bit in the pool until she was so over it and tired. So I got her out of her swim suit and tried napping her in her stroller but she didn't like that either. So we decided to go get cleaned up for some lunch.
We got some lunch at the little food court just down from their hotel. We got some yummy pizza and ate it at a park we found. Blake was loving the park and barely touched her lunch. She wanted to slide and swing all day!

Afterwards we decided to go to the arcade. It was so funny watching Blakes drive the car in the game. She was a crazy driver. Lara and I were laughing so hard at how determined she was with the game. We then went back up to the hotel room and hung out with the family for a bit and I decided I better get the girls home to sleep. They were worn out from an exciting day!!
And they both crashed on the way home!!!
Out Cold!!

June in Review

..June 4th..
Dr. Check ups!!
Ice Cream Truck Days!!

After she ate her ice cream we watched movies while Savvy napped!
Then Temple night with my parents!! Much needed!
..June 7th..
Building forts with Blakelee.
..June 10th..
Working all day!!!

 ..June 14th..
Swim day with Ali and her kids! We had a blast. The kids are all really close in age so they have so much fun together. They were sliding and splashing the day away.


..June 25th..
Heber Park and Concert Night!
Lara, her family, my girls, and I all went to Heber Park to eat, shop and listen to music!!! Perfect Summer Night!

 ..June 26th..
Bath time for the girls!! Blakelee loves taking pictures and making faces because she can see herself! Shes a goon and I love her!

Look at that Faux Hawk!

..June 28th..
Sundays... I wouldn't have made it through most Sundays without my cute neighbors!! This is Luke, him and his wife are amazing!!!! I have known them for years and they ended up being my next door neighbors (basically). They were life savers helping me in sacrament pretty much every Sunday!!
After church Lindsay, Zach and the girls came over for dinner and to help me paint my downstairs doors so we could get our house sold. Zach showed me the tricks and tips of painting so I could paint the rest!!! While he painted the doors I painted the base boards, and the girls played in the fort under the table while eating ice cream!!

..June 29th..
Every morning!!!
 Every day as I left for work....
..June 30th..
S and B snuggles!!! Sisters and best friends!!!