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Sunday, January 24, 2016

4 Generation and 8 Months

Photo Credit:
Sammy Hallows

On May 1st we had our 4 generation pictures taken at Day Break Lake. 
Savvy was just shy of 8 months old.
She usually is such a smiley baby, but she just didn't want to smile a whole lot for the camera this day. But they still turned out amazing!!
 Savvy was not yet walking, she was crawling all over the place.
She was still waking up through the night.
Still on a bottle about 6-8 oz.
Eating solid food and loving every minute of it.
Learning to clap.
No stairs yet.
Pulling her self up on furniture but only standing.
When she was sleepy she would rub her head back and forth to soothe her.
Binky baby.
Such a giggly girl.

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