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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ringing in the New Year!

New Years party with my Parents!!!
Griffin drove with his brother Devin down to Arizona, where his brother lives, to return their rental car and drive back his own car.
Reason being, they had their baby boy 9 weeks early over Christmas and had to figure out how to get everything in order. So Griff offered to drive with him to AZ so he had some company.
Yes 24 hours of straight driving... but on the bright side they did get to golf, stop in Vegas for a bit, and have a good brother bonding trip!!
So since he was out of town for the Holiday I spent it over with my parents.
They made it so fun :D
I have the best parents ever!!!
We kicked the night off with some Fondue.
Meat, Cheese, and Chocolate.
Our drink for the party!!
Sparkling Cider.
I promise you my mom was here celebrating with us haha.
But she just didn't want to be in pictures because her hair wasn't done..
.. even though she still looked cute!

This one is for you Dad!!!
My last night drinking soda/ carbanation.
This is my off year!
Happy Early New Years!!
My poor dad had to work bright and early the next day...
So he was a trooper and stayed up till 11:30pm but he just got way tired and had to go to bed.
So around 10ish we went out and lite up some fire works so he could ring in the new year!!
Our entertanment for the night!!
We LOVE Seinfeld!!!!
Wishing Griffy Poo a Happy New Years!!!!
He was very sleepy and almost asleep.
Just a few seconds till 2012 is here!!
Pots and Pans are the best way to ring in the new year!!!
I felt like I was 7 again while banging on my pan!!
There is my Mom!!! Told you she was there :D
Thanks mom and dad for letting me hang out with you guys!!
Love you!