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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Day

 On Christmas Morning we invited Griffin's family over for Breakfast. His parents and sister came out!! It was so fun to have them over. When they got to our house we brought Blakelee downstairs to show her what Santa had brought her. She was spoiled!!!
Aunt Whit and Blakelee played and hung out while breakfast was cooking!! It took a lot longer then we thought... we wanted to eat about 9ish but didn't end up eating till closer to 10. But it did turn out good if I do say so my self! 
Blake LOVED all her gifts!!
Look at her cute morning face!!
While breakfast was cooking Griff and I did our gifts for each other! Griff SPOILED me rotten!!! He went way over our limit!!! But I LOVED everything and was so surprised and thrilled. He gave me a diamond infinity ring, diamond pendent necklace, and a black chunky necklace. I was stoked!!! I felt way bad because his gift was boring.... he got clothes. He never hinted to me or gave me any ideas so I got him what he said he needed. I gave him golf shorts, and a button down shirt, also a golf ball bag.
We had French Toast Casserole, and a Sausage and Egg Casserole.
Once breakfast was over we loaded up our car and headed to Griff's parents house so we could all do gifts there. Once everyone was there (again we missed Dev, Meg, and Beau) we started to open gifts! We all got spoiled and got some amazing gifts!!!!
Hahah Griff got some "homies" they are these little action figures that he thought were cool so his parents got them for him. He was like a little kid, So excited!
Trying to get a good picture of them together was impossible!!! Haha Blakelee is always on the move so they are never together!
The best we could get!!! So cute.
After having the morning with the Blands we loaded up our gifts and went over to my parents for Christmas dinner and gifts!! Blakelee got food and cups for her new kitchen, some books, and a lala loopsy doll!! Griff got an Air Compressor, and I got some clothes and perfume. Again super spoiled.
We gave my parents a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond because they found a CD, radio, and record player that they really wanted!!! They went out and got it!!! It is awesome!
We had Honey Baked Ham, Turkey, Salad, Rolls, and Potatoes for dinner. It was delicious!!!! After wards we let the cousins do their gifts!!!
They sat in a circle all by themselves... SO cute!!!!! They loved everything that they got. These girls put the biggest smile on my face!!
We then decorated ginger bread men with all the girlie's!!! Laryssa helped me with mine since mine was boring hahah!
After all that fun we put on the Grinch for the kids and the adults played cards. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day! I couldn't have asked for anything better.
I am so thankful for such great family and for all the fun gifts that were given!! We were spoiled and we loved spending the day with everyone. It was such a great day and I am bummed that it is already over for a whole other year!!! This is the most wonderful time of the year, I still get giddy like a little kid for Christmas and still get sad when it comes to an end!! But at least next year Blake's will be a little older and will have even more fun with it all!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always such a fun day for us!! Griff and I both worked in the morning so my dad watched Blake for us. After work we got ready for my Families Party. My Grandma Payne use to do her party on Christmas Morning but now that every one's family is growing and they have their own traditions on Christmas Day they decided to do their party on Christmas Eve. My Grandma Anderson use to do her party on Christmas Eve but it was getting to complicated so they moved theirs to the week of Christmas. So theirs was the night before. Confused yet!!? Haha!
Once we got there we had some dinner. It was delicious!!! Then of course presents. Grandparents went first, they got some clothes and a calendar.
Char became Blake's new best friend!!! How stinking cute is this??
Time for the kids to open their gifts. Youngest to oldest!!! So Blakelee got to unwrap first. She didn't quite understand what she was doing... So we helped her out. But once she saw a toy she took it and ran to play with it and lost all interest in opening the rest of the gifts.
Adults turn!!
Grandma always gives such fun gifts!!!!
Uncle Russ loves his baby girls.
Then everyone played in a white elephant game! It was a game where you rolled 2 dice and if you got a 2 or 7 ( I think) then you could pick your gift. Once you rolled that number you could steel or you could pick a new gift. All the gifts had a limit of $5-$10 dollars!! It was such a great game!! Afterwards Griff and I had to leave because it was his families Christmas Party at 8pm. So we headed to their house!
Whitney and Blakelee looking so cute on Christmas Eve!! All dressed up!
Growing up I always got Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve so I have passed this tradition on to my family. So every Christmas Eve I let Griff and Blakelee open 1 gift which is their Christmas Jammies!!! Instead of jammies for Griff he got basketball shorts.
Once everyone arrived we began our party!! We missed Devin, Megan and Beau!!!! Hopefully next year they will be able to come!
Debbie always has they yummiest goodies for her parties!!
We had a White Elephant game here as well!!! We might have gave some pretty simple gifts... we were under the impression that they were funny gifts, but as you can tell by what we got they were good gifts not funny! Ooppps!!! Sorry to Ape and Scott who got our gifts!!! But I will admit ours were funny so they would be great in a funny white elephant game :)!!
Yep!!! We gave boobs and a ginormous bra!!! And the other gift was 2 batteries that had a note that said.... "Gift not included!"
We thought they were funny!
During all the fun at Debbie's and Scott's Blake was sleeping down in the pack and play. It was pretty late when we left the party to head home and Blake's was SOOO tired!!!! She decided to pull the blanket over her head so that the street lights wouldn't get in her eyes!!! Smart girl!
Merry Christmas Eve!!!
We were stoked to have our very first Christmas morning in our home!!