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Thursday, January 9, 2014

December's 3rd Week of Fun

..December 16..
Slowly but surely our house is coming together!!! They started to get our cabinets put back together. It was a happy day to see that we have somewhat of a kitchen.
..December 18..
Baby Makaylie Shore was born at 2:44 pm 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches long!!! She is perfect in every way. We were not able to go to the hospital to see her since we both worked and Blakelee isn't allowed in the room so we met her later that week. I just am in love with her.
..December 19..
Fixing more of the house. They had to come out to fix the ceiling since they did a rushed job on it. Now it looks amazing. He also replaced our base boards, light fixture, and a few spots on the walls that needs to be fixed. He did a great job! Stress is being lifted!!
..December 20..
My mom and I had plans to bake Christmas treats and since my sister had just had her little one, my mom had her girls so they wouldn't be crazy with the little girl. So we went to my sisters house so the girls could see mom for a bit and I was finally able to meet baby Makaylie!! Great Grandma and Grandpa Payne and Uncle Russ was their too. Grandma gave all the girls a goodie bag of Christmas things, this Santa hat was one of them!!!
After seeing the baby we brought the girls back to my moms house to start baking. We put Blake's down for a nap and a movie on for the girls, and we started to bake. We made peanut brittle, fudge, applesauce bread, and cookies. It was so much fun and is such a fun tradition that my mom and I have and I can't wait to continue this tradition with Blakelee when she is older!!!
Taking a movie break with these 2!!
Frosting cookies is the best!!! The girls had a blast decorating them up all fancy.
Blakelee woke up from her nap and wanted to eat all the goodies.
Mmmm Cookies!!!!
Once dad got home he joined in the fun!
..December 22..
We still hadn't been downtown to see the Temple Lights so we made plans with our friends Steve and Lara to head down and see them all. It was a starting to snow and was very crowded but was such a fun night. They always decorate the grounds up so perfectly!!
Blakelee was very bundled up and was so good just sit in her stroller and enjoy the whole night. It was a cold night but we all stayed pretty warm!!
This tells the whole story!!! Blakelee loved all the lights and would point and say Oooo to all of them!!! Melts my heart!
Going down to the lights is one of my most favorite Christmas Traditions that I have done since I was very little. Even though it is the same every year, you still have to go!!!! It would not be Christmas without going. I am so happy that we were able to fit it in before the season was over!!!

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