"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day..

..On Father Day we all went over to my parents to celebrate!!
 We had BBQ steaks and lots of yummy food.
We all helped out preparing it..
We also had lots of fun watching Laryssa!!!
She is so cute!
My parents have 2 ducks that have been living in their backyard so Ryss was having a blast feeding them.
And Uncle Griffin was having so much fun hanging out with her!
Time to open presents!!! :D
Zach got Cabala's Gift Cards
Dad got a Walmart Gift Card so he can get trailer stuff
and Griff well... He didn't get anything... Not till your a dad right!!?
Her Silly faces she pulls!!!
Such a character!!

Happy Fathers Day!!
We love you!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dads Day!

Happy Fathers Day Dads!!

My dad is amazing!!! I love him so much he is such an example to all of us.
He does so much around the house to help my mom. If there is something broken or making a funny sound he pulls it apart and finds out how to fix it.
He is always there with a hug and a smile it really comes in handy when you have had a super bad day!
He loves projects and making sure things get done.
My dad had made all my first days of school great!! He would give me a fathers blessing before every first day. :D
 Zach is such a great dad to his baby girl!!!
He loves her and my sister so much. He is always helping out with what he can, and playing games with his beautiful daughter! Soon to be daughters!!!
They are such a sweet family.
Griff's dad is so sweet!!
He always has a smile on his face and hop in his step.
Scott is one busy man but is always happy and positive about everything.
I have known Scott for over 7 years and I have never seen him upset, he is so nice. He is such a sweet husband always helping his wife out around the house and yard.
Such a great guy.
My Husband will one day be a great dad.
He is such an amazing man and helper!!
 I don't know what I would do without him by my side.
One day we will be parents and he will be such a great daddy our kids are going to love him to pieces!!
Love you!
Love you all, you are all amazing!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

All Laughs!!

I love the days that I get to spend with this little sweetie!
She puts the biggest smile on my face every time I get to see her.
We had all morning to hang out so we put in Cinderella and played with her stickers.
 Ryss got a hold of my camera!
She is so good at taking pictures :D
Not to sure what she is doing to me...
But she kept plugging my nose and pinching my cheeks!
Enjoying Cinderella!
She loves all the Princess's!!!
Her mommy is in the processes of getting all of the Princess shows.
Ready for the day and time to play with more stickers before we run errands!
"Hi Damma!!!"
hahah Love you baby girl!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Day He Almost Lost His Finger...

...Because of this guy right here!!
There is an awning on the side above the door that you can pull out to get some shade.
So my dad today thought it would be a good idea to pull it out and see how it works because we are going camping this month.
Well we get it out and everything is going just great...
.... Next thing we start to work on putting it back up for the night.
My dad and mom didn't realize how fast the spring in the awning would snap back in place...
...and the next thing we know my dad is screaming!
 His ring finger on his left hand got stuck in between 2 poles.
The kind of poles and one fits into the other, so there was no way of getting it out....
Unless we could re open them back up.
My mom and I didn't have any clue how to get the awning opened again and my dad being in a state of shock couldn't remember how so he couldn't tell us how to fix it...

My poor dad with his finger completely trapped, he says "I'm going to lose my finger....."
That is how stuck it was.
I am shaking and in shock myself I felt as if I was not helping I didn't know what to do.
I was trying to pull the poles apart while my mom worked with the levers trying to loosen something. We still had no luck.
After about 5 minutes (what it felt like not sure on how long it really was) my dad just yanked his finger out....
...We all thought when it came out that the tip of his ring finger would be gone!
Luck for him and us it was there but it was pinched flat.
I have never seen a finger so flat ever.
I was so scared and worried and queasy trying to keep a brave face I thought I was going to pass out!
My dad is such a trooper he just kept staring at his finger trying to finger out why is was not bleeding...
...He thought the tip of it was dead and that he still was going to lose it.
So my mom and I got some ice and helped him into the car and off to the InstaCare we went.
We weren't sure if they could handle it or if we would need to go to the ER.
Good thing they said they could help him.
They did and x-ray and the tip of the finger tip bone is crushed and broken and the finger nail has a hematoma underneath...
..Which means it will most likely fall off.
The skin is torn and bruised Very badly.
He is such a lucky guy it is going to heal perfectly!
It was so crazy to see how flat it was going into the InstaCare and seeing the finger go back to regular size as the time went on.

I am one very relived daughter and I know both my mom and dad are feeling the same way!
What a scary moment for us all...
Right after we got to the InstaCare.
Waiting for the Dr. for an x-ray.
Getting it all bandaged up!!
...I love you dad!!!