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Monday, March 21, 2011

Laryssa's "Burbay" Party

On Saturday we Celebrated Laryssa's 2nd Birthday but in her words "Burbay!!"
She had a Jungle Party, so there were Jungle animals hanging from the ceiling and her cake was Jungleee!
At first when her mommy asked her what kind of cake she wanted Laryssa said "a big cake" then just before her party she changed her mind and wanted a "bue cake" So her mommy just got her one that would go with
the theme.

Laryssa saying hi to me!!! Awww how I love her and her ginormous Hug.

 Enjoying her Dinner...
 My mom got Sticker-ed!
 Playing with her Balloons.
All her Presents.
She is one very LOVED little girl!
Lets just say she got everything that she could ever have wanted.

 Love my Grandpa!!
Ryssa with her new bike and stuffed animals, Taking them for a ride!
Her Cupcake..
She loves Monkeys and Sugar :D
 Her Adorable Cake!
 "Happy Birthday Dear Laryssa..."
 Blowing out the Candles..
 Loving her Cupcake :)
Grandma letting her Dig into the Cake before they cut us all Pieces!
 Haha putting all the Candles on her Cupcake... yes there is more then just 2 because my sister thought that they were all way cute so she put all them on the cake.
Saying Goodbye to Uncle Griffin...
She loves her Uncle!!!
And he Loves her.
Today is her actual Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to the Cutest little girl ever!!!
She is the most adorable little girl and the smartest baby girl I have ever seen.. Not just because I am her Aunt am I saying this but because it is very true.
She learns more and more every single day... It blows me away with how much she knows and how much she understands.
I love you Babyyy Girl, hope you have a fun Burbay!!!

Day 30...

...A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past

Lets see here... The 3 good things would have to be
.Meeting Griffin in High School
.Finding our House that is now our Home
.Baby Laryssa
And that is us!!
All about us and our likes... :D