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Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 Month Photo Shoot

Time has flown by!! Blake is 6 months old already, I can not even believe it!! 
She is growing up so fast every day I feel like she is learning something new. One day she is tipping over when sitting and the VERY next day she can sit all by her self. She might wobble a tiny bit but most of the time she will catch her self before she tips!! When I go shopping she will now sit in the cart!! Yay, when I am pushing the cart around the store she will grab my fingers and hang on to them hahah... I guess for security, makes me laugh every time. I love that I don't have to haul her car seat around every where I go. She also LOVES the idea of high chairs when we go out to eat. She is now sitting in the bath tub instead of laying in the hammock part. She loves bathing but now I think she even loves it more since she can play with her water toys and splash around. By the end of bath time I have water spots on me haha. She thinks she is so funny every time she splashes!!
It amazes me at how much she can roll and how far she can go. If she notices something across the room she will roll to it. I have already started moving things off the floor because she is getting into them. It is crazy!!! She wants to crawl SO bad. When she is on her stomach she lifts her legs up and her bum and will try to scoot forward but she doesn't understand that she needs to lift her head and arms to be able to move. It is so dang cute watching her learn and try.
She is still doing NO with her head. She has started doing it when we say no no no to her haha!! She wiggles her head side to side with a HUGE smile on her face. During her time of rolling around she will stop and lay on her back and then do this "no" thing. It makes me giggle so much. 
 For some reason Blake LOVES 
hands and fingers!! Anytime she sees a hand she reaches for it and grabs it. She will study it and move around the fingers. It is so funny watching her try to figure out what they are and why there are fingers on them!! She also LOVES faces. She will grab at noses, bottom lips, ears, and even eyes. She has learned soft!! Every once in a while she will still scratch but for the most part she will be super soft. 
Her new thing is a fake cough. Sometimes she does it because she just spit up or ate something, but for the most part she does it just because and I am not sure why. So Griff and I now laugh at her or just look at her then she will giggle!! She still loves the feeling of pushing her tongue against her bottom gums. I haven't noticed any teeth yet but I think they are on there way... she sometimes randomly will just cry like she is in pain, her nose has been runny every few days, and she rubs everything on her gums. I wish the darn things would just pop through. 
She loves to snuggle mommy!!! Most people that try to snuggle her she pushes away, but (depending on her mood) she will let me snuggle her. Even if it is just she sits on my lap with her head against my shoulder and watches TV with me. She HATES being left alone. She gets so upset and will cry so hard with BIG alligator tears streaming down her cheeks. It breaks my heart so I go over to pick her up and she will lift her arms up but put her head down... SO sad!!
Can you tell she hates bows haha!! Every time I put a bow on her she tries with all her might to get it off. She will either pull the flower off the head band or will pull the whole head band down around her eyes or neck. Then she usually will start chewing on it. She has mastered how to get it off when I am not looking.
She has the SWEETEST smile you have ever seen!!!
She is such an easy baby to get a smile out of. She will grin ear to ear when you tickle her, play peek a boo, tease her, give her a toy, play with her, and gently toss her in the air!! She giggles with most of these as well. I love hearing my baby laugh it is seriously one of the best sounds I have ever hear. She will almost hold her breath then a squeaky sound will come out. She then will let the breath out and giggle!!! Awww... the cutest thing. 

She still loves to bounce when you hold her either the bucking bronco, or the jumping bean. She loves doing both. When I wear my jewelry she automatically will reach for it, grab at it, and put it in her mouth. Everything right now goes in her mouth... even dirty things that I have to catch and take away!! Blake still LOVES her binky.... Horrible mom award I know!! I am trying to only give it to her at night and for naps but... it is SO convenient to just pop it in her mouth when we out and she is fussy!! We have been working with her on sign language but I don't really know if she is understanding what we are doing. We are keeping at it and sometimes I think she totally understands what I am saying and other times she looks at me like I am insane. We are signing Bottle, More, Mom, and Dad to her. The only one I think she might get is bottle. She loves her food!!! She is on baby food and I love that she loves it!! Makes for a proud mama when she eats everything you have tried. There has not been one food she wont eat!! Hope she stays this way and doesn't become picky. 
She sure know how to make mom and dad smile and how to entertain her self to make her smile too!! She is one smart and happy little baby girl. We love her more and more every day. Griff and I say to each other about every day how Perfect she is and how much we love her!!! She is getting the best and funnest little personality. She is the best thing that ever happened to us. We love this Pretty Girl so much!!

Sitting and Sweet Potatoes

My little one is Sitting! It is so fun that she can sit and play with her toys. It is so dang cute. I can just sit her in front of her toys and she will enjoy her self for a while!!
Sweet Potatoes
April 2nd
She is getting so good at eating her food. When we first started her on baby food most of it ended up on her or the bib. But now she is actually eating all the food!! She absolutely loved her sweet potatoes, she was getting mad at me when I wasn't feeding her fast enough. She loves all her food that we have given her. But I can tell she loves anything that is sweet!!! All the fruit and now these potatoes she has downed!! Love that we have a good eater on our hands. :)