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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SportClips Move

Last week we did it!
We moved our store to a better location.
Which is just across the street... but it was a smart move.

...Old Front of the store....
...New Front of the Store...
...Our old store...
it is all junked and empty!
Looks so Bare.
...New store...
Looks so much better.
No more caging around the Stations, Lockers are black not white,
32 inch Flat screen TVs at each station!!
And the best part Cushioned Flooring :D
...The old sinks....
...The new fancy sinks....
It looks so classy.
...Our small old Break Room...
...Amazing New Big Break Room!...

It was such a busy day unloading the old store and moving it over to the new location.
We still are working on a few things... But it is almost all there!
It will for sure take some time to get use to the new store,
Because I was at the old store for almost 4 years!!
Yay for the upgrade!!
Some of the Great stylists I work with :D
These girls make the work days the best!!!