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Monday, November 8, 2010

Favorite Time of the Year!!

 We are SO excited for Christmas this year!! It is coming so fast :D
I have been wanting to watch these movies for the past few weeks!!!! I love Christmas movies I
could watch them year round.
 It is going to be a very different Christmas this year... Usually on Christmas Eve my family goes to Grandma Anderson's for a HUGE Dinner a Talent Show put on by all the Cousins, then Gifts and games!! All the cousins put on Home Alone just before their parents pull them away to go home before Santa comes :D.
Then in the morning my family does gifts and hot coca and breakfast, Then we wear our new Christmas clothes and head to Grandma Payne's for Brunch more games and Gifts!! Once done with that we
Head back over to Grandma Anderson's for left over dinner and more gifts!!! I love being
with my family on Christmas It makes the day the best day of the year!!!

 This year Griff and I will be sharring the day between all our famlies!! It will be so fun but very different!!

 Did I mention I love Christmas Movies haha!!! I am so sad right now we do not own any yet...
So I am hoping that will be changed this week!! I need my Holiday Movie Fix!