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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Catmull

On April 19th Griff and I woke up bright and early to get ready to go to the Salt Lake Temple!! We got there in enough time to hand Blake to Whit and head inside for Luke and Mindy's Wedding!!! It was such a special day, we are so excited for them. We of course watched them walk out and took a few pictures..
.. Mr. & Mrs. Catmull..
 ..Catmull Boys..
 ..Catmull Girls..
..All the boys..
Dave, Corbin, Griffin, Luke, Chris and Preston
They all grew up together, SO cute!!
..The proud mama..
..My family..
 We met up at Tucano's for their luncheon. It was so great!! Yummy for sure. 
 Later that night was the reception at Le Jardin! It was so pretty.
..Car decorator's..
 Oh man did everyone have so much fun making the car festive! There were so many people who joined in the fun. Balloons everywhere, condoms, confetti, oreos, drawings, and much more!! 
 Griff and Steve sure were creative with the balloons hahah!! Don't worry this was not their only balloon art. 
After a very long day and night we went out to Village Inn with Steve and Lara, we were all starving!! Blake crashed and burned in the car and didn't even make a peep until we got home and I woke her up to put her jammies on. She was the best and is the best baby ever. She was so amazingly good all day. She only had about 2 hours of a nap all day and was seriously an angel!!
Such a great day to be with all the family and friends so glad we were able to spend the day with everyone!!

Her First Sip

On April 18th Blake and I went to Breakfast and ran errands with Ali and her cute boy Jaxon. We met up at McDonald's, we thought that would be the best bet with our little ones!!
It was such a fun morning.
After we got home and Blakelee napped  she ate and had her very first sippy cup!!! She was not to sure about it. She wanted to suck on it like a bottle but it is a little different feeling then a bottle nipple. She is slowly but surely getting the hang of it!! I am hoping that by summer she will drink water and juice out of the sippies.  Then by the time she is a year we can have her off bottles all together!! Fingers crossed our goal happens.
Excuse her messy face!! :)
 She then had her nightly bath!!! After I got her undressed and was filling her tub I look down to notice a bare bum!! Haha! She loves rolling and loved it even more being naked!!
She is one of a kind!!

My Fishy

This little girl Loves her baths more then I think I do!! Anytime that she is having a fussy moment or does not feel good if we fill the tub she gets so excited. I love that she sits in the tub now and plays with all her toys. They all go straight into the mouth, along with all the bubbles hahah!! It is the cutest thing ever. 
She is my little fishy!!
She has had a few tips in the tub and her face went in the water... I immediately pick her up and sit her back up. Her eyes go big and she takes a big breath, then she gets a smile. She knows I would never let anything happen to her. She trusts me so much!! I think and hope that she will be my little fish in the pool this year!! I can not wait!! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jazz Game

On April 12 Blakelee and I had a little girls morning!! We got all dolled up and took some pictures. Now how cute is she!!?? I just love her so much and she is just so photogenic. It is the best thing ever!!
Afterwards we turned on Toy Story. Blake absolutely LOVED it!! She loves any and all cartoons. She just laid there enjoying the show haha.
Once Griffin got home we headed to the Jazz Game. I don't remember who they were playing but I do know that they won, Yay!! We went with Griffin's family. It was a very fun night.
They made this pyramid and the top guy got a basketball. The whole pyramid fell straight down and the top guy put the ball in the basket. It was really awesome to watch. 
Eric totally photo bombed this picture lol!
During the on of the time outs they were throwing these balls out to the crowd, one of the guys who was throwing to our section stood right in front of us so I put my hand out hoping he would just give me one... And he did :)!!
Blake was not loving how loud the game was but for it being loud and past her bed time she did awesome!! She loved her first Jazz Game!! 
So glad that we were able to make it to one of there winning games before they didn't make it to Playoffs!! What a fun night with our family!