"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Bland 2 on the way!!!!

On Saturday January 18th I got home from work and didn't feel very well. It was such a busy day, I didn't stop going all day long. When I got home all I could think of is how sick I felt. We were going to dinner with some friends that night and I needed to feel better so I would be fun. Then all the sudden it hit me.... Maybe I am pregnant!!! But no there was no way!!!! So I grabbed a test and it immediately was positive!! My mouth dropped... I couldn't even believe it!! As happy as I was I scared and nervous ran through my mind. My baby isn't even 2 and we are now pregnant! So I acted as if I knew nothing and went to dinner... But now knowing I was pregnant I could tell all the symptoms were there and had been there for awhile. Nothing at dinner sounded good and I was exhausted. Through out the past weeks I had moments where I felt nausea, tired, hungry all the time but nothing sounded good, and moody!!! It was all there and while at dinner that was all I could think about. I am sure I was no fun even though I was trying to normal... how can you be normal when you have a huge secret!!!!
So on Sunday I knew I had to tell Griff but I was not prepared to tell him since I hadn't had time to run to store from the time I found out to Sunday morning. I was of course sick that morning so we didn't make it to church... I just laid in bed every chance I could get and Griff was so confused as to why I was being so lazy!!! So I asked him if his parents wanted to come to our house for the bachelor and dinner. That way I had an excuse to run to the store to get some dinner items and to get some things to tell him the news (I know that is breaking the Sabbath but I was desperate to tell him!!!). But his parents told us they wouldn't be able to make it over. So I figured I would have to be creative... So I drew up a BIG SISTER sign and brought down the test I took, and set it on the table. I had Blakelee coloring the sign when Griff came downstairs. He looked at Blake's and asked "what are you coloring?" As he came closer he looked at me and said "Are you pregnant????" with a huge smile!!! As tears ran down my face I shook my head yes!! Next I said... "sorry we can't go on our cruise!!!" We were going to go on a cruise with our friends for our anniversary and her graduating from nursing school, in September! But that won't work out anymore haha!! Griff just laughed and said "it is OK!!!" with a huge hug!!!
It is amazing at how your emotions come into play so quickly!!!
Griffin's parents ended up making it out later so of course we had to tell them. The news is just to fun not to share. So we typed up a big sister sign and taped it to Blakelee's back for there arrival!! When they got to our house  they saw the sign and were thrilled!!!! We then of course talked about when we are due and any names...
The next day on Monday we told my parents kinda of the same way. We gave them a sign as well and they were stoked as well and they asked us the same questions!!!
After our first appointment we found out we are due on September 14th and as of now... No Names that we can both agree on haha!!! Baby names for baby number 2 isn't as easy as baby number 1 was!!
We are thrilled and can not wait to meet this little one!!!!

New Years in Vegas

For New Years this year Griff and I didn't do much. My friend Lara came over since her hubby was working a night shift. We all watched movies and had some goodies!! 
In the morning we headed to Las Vegas. Griff and Devin were playing in some golf tournaments so Meg and I tagged along with our babies! The drive there wasn't to bad, Blakelee was a trooper in the car. 
She loved dancing to our music!!!
Once we got there it was dinner time and we were all hungry!! Griff went and checked us in and then we headed down to the food court for a quick bite to eat. Then we hit the strip for some site seeing. Devin and Meg didn't make it in till early in the morning since they had to work before they could leave. 
Heading out on the strip. Blakelee loved all the lights!!!
It was getting late so Blake and I headed up to the room while Griff played in a tournament. I got her all ready for bed then crossed my fingers that she would sleep good!! She is SO use to sleeping in her own room with the door shut, that when we travel she thinks she can stay up all night because it is a different routine. So we covered her Pack and Play with the curtain and had lots of milk on hand just to calm her down if she woke up.
So I put her down and watched some TV on a low volume and she fell right asleep but through out the night she woke up a few times... Stressful!!!
In the morning the boys headed out early to play golf so us 4 got some breakfast and played in the room for a bit!! The 2 littles loved having each other there to play!!! They just laughed the whole trip with each other.
"Do you see the view???"
Little Beau loved Blakelee's stroller!! He watched most of his cartoons sitting in it! Hahah!!
It was a pretty nice day so we hit the pool... mostly the hot tub. They kids loved it! Meg was brave enough to play in the pool with Beau. Me on the other hand mostly stayed warm in the hot tub!!
After we were done with the pool we got ready for the day and the boys met us in our room for a buffet lunch!!! We went to Planet Hollywood and got a 24 hour buffet. 
Like I have mentioned before it is hard for sleeping for Blake's on Vacation. So while we were waiting in line for the buffet Blakelee finally gave in and took a nap. I was thrilled I could eat in peace and not while she is was crying. The boys had to scarf their food so they could make their next tee time. So Meg and I tried to eat in peace but with 2 little ones awake it is hard work. But the food was delicious!
Next on the agenda... Shopping!! We went to a few places but didn't have much luck. It was still so much fun. They kiddlets were exhausted so we headed back to the room to let them rest.
After golf and naps we hit the strip and tried to make it to another hotel for a different buffet with our pass. But all the lines were about 2 hours long... so we went back to PH which worked out great!!! 
On our way to the buffet they kids had to look and point at everything. So we would stop and take TONS of pictures of course!! Because that is what you do when your mom. Especially since it was Blake's first trips to Vegas!!
Kissing Cousins haha!!
After throwing a huge embarrassing tantrum she finally fell asleep at our LATE night dinner!!!
In the morning we decided we would start packing up while the boys golfed one last course!! We knew it was going to be a golf trip and more of a single mommy trip. 
They kids loved splashing in the bath.
Beau and I became buddies this trip!! He ran right over to me and sat on my lap!!!! I was thrilled!
Trying to keep them entertained while we waited on our hubby's!! Unplugging the phones works wonders.
Once they made it back to our room we checked out and loaded up our cars then decided we had time for one final buffet before our 24 hours was up. So we went to Ceasers Palace. It was seriously amazing!!!!
Next it was time to say our goodbyes.....
.. We always hate it when vacations come to an end!! And hate it even worse when we aren't both going home to the same place. But we had a blast even though it was truly only a 1 day trip it was still a fun getaway!!!!