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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My 25th Birthday!!

June 30th my mom had the grandparents and my sister over to celebrate my Birthday and have some Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. It was such a fun day!!!
My mom gave me some make up, Cotton Candy, running clothes, and a scrapbook book.
My grandparents gave me money!! :D

For dessert we had Ice Cream Cones! Delish.
It was such a hot summer day that my dad turned on the sprinklers for the girls!!
They had a blast. I love watching these two giggle!!!
My mom got a shellac kit so us girls all did our nails for the 4th of July!!
Blake's slept through most of the day. She had just woken up and was super tired still and would not smile.
For my Birthday on July 1st I had to work the morning shift, while I was at work these flowers came for me from my cute hubby!!!
After we both got off work we got ready so we could head downtown to City Creek.
We headed to my parents house to drop Blake's off so we could have a date night.
We started to head downtown but it took us a good 30 mins just to get to the Murray exist so we decided to go to Fashion Place Mall instead. All I wanted for my birthday was clothes and jewelry!!
We hit the shops and did some damage!!
Then went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and Dessert.
It was so Yummy!!!
What a great Birthday with this great guy!!! I have spent 9 of my birthdays with him, I love knowing that he is there to make my day special!!!