"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

.Another Boy.

There is going to be another boy in the Bland Family!
Devin and Megan are going to have a baby boy in February.
We are all so excited and can not wait for him to arrive so we can all just spoil him :)
I only have niece's so it will be so fun to have a nephew to spoil now!!
You know that he will be one VERY loved little man.
Being the first grandson, nephew, and great grandson!!
Congrats Dev and Meg!!
We love him already!

Rest in Peace...

Great Aunt Connie!!
You will be very missed.
I have some amazing memories of you and your sweet husband,
I loved when I was able to dance in Tuacan and you were there cheering me on!!
When we would visit you guys you would have fresh fruit from your garden for breakfast!
Uncle Del would carve me fun bowls and cups out of wood!!
You were such an amazing Lady and I love you very much.
The news broke my heart but I know you are with your sweetheart now and you are so much more happy, and looking down on your family now and watching out for us.

Her Funeral Service was held on Saturday October 8, 2011.
It was a very lovely service.
As much as I really have a hard time at funerals...
.. I love them to be able to say goodbye.
It is good way to get closure!
Aunt Connie was my Grandma's sister,
and my Mom's aunt,
which makes her my Great Aunt!
Love you Connie we will be seeing you!!

Hole in One

Griffin has been golfing quite a bit lately.
He was on the golf team in High School and loved every minute of it.
When he graduated he continued to play then one day he just stopped...
... He must of gotten a new hobby for the time being.
But he is now back to golf and is so good at it.
I Love that his hobby is golf, it's nice to get outside and play a few holes or a bucket.
Such a perfect day for him to get out and play!!
I got to drive the golf cart while he played.
He would absolutely love it if I started to play but I think I would just hold him back haha!!
We would be playing much much slower and just wasting money on me!!
Hole In One!!!
On the second hole he got a hole in one.
Can you believe it???
He was so excited and I am so happy for him!!
We love going out on nice days and him golfing while I support from the side!!
Griffin the Golfer!!