"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Monday, November 3, 2014

Wheeler Farm Fun

On October 17th we met up with Lindsay her girls and Alica and her daughter at Wheeler Farm. I hadn't been there in so long to see all the animals. Blakelee was in heaven!! She loved seeing all the farm animals. She knows what they all say so every time she saw an animal she would say "Momma MOOO" or "Momma NAYYY" it was so cute!
All the girls loved that they could pet the animals!!
These crazy girls are BEST friends. It makes my heart so happy to see how much they love each other. They love hanging out and want to see each other often. They always are giggling or fighting just like sisters haha. I adore them all.
The best things that has happened to me!
We thought it would be fun for them to ride in the farm train that goes around the farm. They all were giggling the whole time. It was actually a really long ride for them. When they came back I went to get Blakelee out and she kept saying "Moorrr" (more) and pushing my hands away while growling at me. I guess it was fun! Haha! 
Wheeler Farm is awesome. It's free other then doing things like the train. And there are picnic tables and a park. We will have to go there more often!

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

October 15th we planned to go pick pumpkins at Petersen's Farm in South Jordan. We met Lara, Stephen, Becca, and Stefan there. We all found our perfect pumpkins! Blakelee was having so much fun running around finding pumpkins and picking up all the cute little ones.
Blake wanted to hold her sister!! She was so upset that we wouldn't let her... She is such a cute big sister.
On the hunt for her pumpkin.
Helping daddy!
After we picked our pumpkins we went out to dinner with everyone. Love this Fall Tradition!!

Gardner Village Witches

On October 10th we met my mom, Lindsay and her girls, Debbie Donaldson, Alica and her daughter at Gardner Village to see all the witches! We usually just walk around and look at the witches, but this year we got one of those papers that you use to find all the witches and if you finish it then you get a .50 cookie. So we found all the witches and we got a yummy cookie before we left. 
All the girls had a blast running around trying to spot all the witches. Every witch that Blakelee saw she would say " EE Scaarree Witch!" 
The 2 Best Grandmas with all their grand kids!
Blake saw this witch with the frogs and warts and looked at me while pointing and saying "EEwwww!!!" Hahah at least she knows what is gross.
Love this 2 girls of mine!!!
The Breast Cancer Witch!
We had to see it just for Debbie!! :)
The girls all dancing to the Halloween Music!
Savvy Girl slept the whole time!!
Seriously such a fun day!