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Monday, November 3, 2014

Miss Savvy Girl 1 Month

Savvy turned 1 Month old on October 5th!!!!
It has gone fast yet slow... those first few weeks are seriously the biggest adjustment. She didn't want to sleep! She would be awake or fussy til about 2 or 3 am. I would finally get her to sleep and she would only sleep maybe an hour. We had her in our room for the first 2 weeks. The first week she wouldn't sleep in her pack and play she would only sleep in our bed. It was so hard! Not only would she only sleep in our bed she would only sleep on one a pillow placed in between us. She wouldn't fall asleep on just the mattress. We tried to get her to sleep in the pack and play on the pillow, but she knew what we were doing and would wake right up. On the second week I was determined to get her out of our bed. So I would only place her in the pack and play. She did OK... She would wake up a lot but I would feed her and change her then place her right back in the pack and play. It was a tough 2 weeks. I would be exhausted at about 10pm and Griff was usually still awake, so I would feed her and make sure she had a clean diaper then hand her off to Griff for a few hours while I got some sleep! On the third week I knew it wasn't working having her in our room so I started to put her straight into her crib in her room. She started to get the hang of it, she would finally go to sleep somewhere between 10 and midnight. 
I nursed only the first week and gave up and only did strictly pumping. By week 3 I started to supplement a lot more during the day. It was just so much easier that way with Blakelee. I still pumped during the day but it was such a challenge to pump and feed if I didn't already have some pumped and ready to go. 
Savanna for the first month hated baths... the first few she hated because I couldn't have as much water in her tub because of her belly button. But once it fell off she would cry only right when I put her in and took her out. She would calm down usually with a binky while sitting in the tub. 
She really wouldn't take the soothie binky's for the first weeks so I finally decided to give her a different brand. She started to take the Nuk binky's so much better!
I say Savvy is a spoiled little girl. For the first month she would be crying every time she was awake unless she was eating or being held and rocked. She didn't really do the swing very long. She would really only swing for tops 10 minutes then she would start to cry. Very rarely did she swing for much longer. 
She loves white noise and usually will calm down with it or water running. I thought and still think she might be a tad colicky or just have a uneasy tummy at night. Her fussy hours were from 8pm to 1am for this first month. It did calm down during the 3rd week luckily!!
She would eat anywhere from 2-4oz. It was so hard to know how much formula or breast milk to heat up for her.... I never knew how much she was hungry for.
I love this little miss so much!! She loves to cuddle and loves to be snugly warm!
She is perfect!!
I took these pictures while she was hungry and rooting so she was pretty mad at me for taking them and not feeding her!

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