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Monday, September 7, 2015


On April 4th the day before Easter we woke up and got ready to go to my grandmas for the Easter Egg hunt and brunch. While getting ready I walk into my bathroom and Blake thought she needed a little mascara! Haha!

We headed to my grandmas and started the egg hunt. The kids had a blast! It was Savvy's first hunt and she loved holding and playing with all the eggs. Blake had such a good time running around and looking all over for all the eggs. 
In the morning the Easter Bunny came!!!!
The girls got some great things. Savvy got her Blessing dress, Blake got a cute Easter dress, Tons of story books, and fun toys!
When the girls woke up we headed down and Blakelee immediately ran to the school bus!! She was ecstatic!
 After looking through all the gifts. We opened the gifts and started hunting for the eggs we colored!
It was confernce Sunday so while we pigged out on candy, which is the best candy, we listened to the talks!
 B was loving finding her eggs that she colored!!!!
 After the first session of conference was over we got all dressed and headed to my moms for brunch and her egg hunt! All the girls just run around that backyard looking left and right trying to find all their eggs. It is seriously the cutest thing!! My parents put coins and dollar bills in the girls eggs! Which then they get to put into their piggy banks when we get home! 
 Gift time!!! 
Of course these girls are doing crafts!
Blake and Savvy's Easter gift!
When your sister won't smile for a picture you post the silly ones she will take! Love ya sis!
After spending the day with my parents we headed over to the Bland's and had goodies and hung out for a bit!! Happy Easter! It was a great day!!!