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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Savvy Girl 4 Months & a Bit about Blakes

This little girl is getting so big so fast!
I can't even handle it.
4 months on is defiantly my favorite. It is when they start hitting some fun milestones.
Savanna is a champ when it comes to sleeping. She goes to bed between 8:30-9:30 and wakes up around 8 or 8:30. has an 8oz bottle then usually will go back to sleep for about 2 hours plus. She takes a good nap or 2 through out the day. Usually about 2-4 hours. And it is so nice because I can usually get Blake and Savvy to nap at the same time.
 She drinks 6 oz bottles during the day but has 8oz bottles before bed and when she wakes up. She sometimes will hold her own bottle... it is a learning process but she is slowly understanding. I started her on solids a week or so ago. Her Doctor said to start her on rice and the first foods, it is mainly practice but this way she can taste other foods. So far she has tried Sweet potatoes and I am not to sure how she felt about it. Hahah!
She knows how to roll from her tummy to her back, but doesn't do it often. She will usually get stuck on her side with her arm stopping her from rolling the whole way. When she is on her tummy she is doing the superman... she won't relax her legs or her arms sometimes. So she usually is balancing on only her tummy.
She is grinning so much. But she has done that since she was born. It is still the cutest smile in the world and makes you want to squeeze her!!!! She is starting to laugh a little. It is more of a chuckle, like one little laugh is pushed out while she is trying to laugh more. She is a squawker though!! She just chats her ear off and will tell you stories and squawk all the time. 
She really isn't a Binky baby... Good and bad with that!! The good I won't have a problem winging her off it. The bad when she is crying or being loud she won't take it... But she will take it on her terms. When she is feeling it. I have started trying to give her the soothie Binky because I get worried with the nuk Binky because of the way it fits in her mouth, I have heard those kind can give kids buck teeth... I know it would be later down the road before I would need to worry, But just to be safe I am trying to switch her!
She is starting to scoot on her back. She will scoot out of her blankets at night. And she can scoot almost a full circle. She can't really scoot yet on her tummy. But I am working on it with her, putting my hands on her feet and letting her push off of them.
She loves all the cartoon shows that Blakelee watches and will stare at the TV when they are on. She loves to be held or laying on the floor. She sometimes likes the swing but again it is on her terms. We tried the play saucer and she loved it!!! Other then her legs dangled because she isn't that long yet to touch the bottom. She loves the bumbo, the fact that she can sit with us makes her so happy. She is the best little thing and just smiles at you the minute she sees you. At her 4 month appointment she was: 13 pounds 22%
24.25 inches long 37%
and 40cm in head 29 %
Just a little thing!!!
I can't get enough of her! I could kiss those little cheeks all day!!!!
Blakelee is growing up so fast too!!!! I can't forget some of the things she is learning and doing!! She is 2years and 4 months old. She LOVES her big girl bed and has been sleeping in it like a champ since August of last year. We never had any problems trying to transition her over. The only thing we have to do is make sure she doesn't have to many toys in her room to distract her from sleeping. She sleeps with EVERY stuffed animal she owns haha!!! One the side of her bed it is a heaping pile of animals and dolls!! 
She doesn't do high chairs anymore and hasn't really done them for a long time now. She likes being a big girl and standing on the bar stool to eat. Or she will sit with me on the couch (depending on what we are eating) and eat with me.
She loves helping with Savvy and is very protective of her. She gives her the Binky, but when Savvy spits it out she says "she don't want it!!!" Gets me diapers and wipes for both her and sis. Holds her bottle if I am busy and Savvy refuses to hold it her self.
We are in the process of potty training... Slowly.... she knows when she needs to go but sometimes just down right wants a diaper! But she has gone in the potty numerous times and knows how to take her pants and diaper off so she can sit on the potty. She gets annoyed with her diapers but I think she likes how easy they are for her to just go in and not stop her play to make a trip to the potty. And honestly it is much easier, but more expensive, for me.... With Savvy and Blakelee and the errands or work or the house work, it is just easier for me not to focus my whole attention on trying to potty train her. I know that might sound "lazy" or "bad mom" but until you are in my shoes don't judge haha! It is a slow process and until Blakelee wants to go in the potty I am not forcing her.
She is learning how to count to 10 and her colors. She can count to 3 on her own sometimes if we are lucky we can get to 5 but she can count to 10 with us helping her. She knows names of colors but doesn't know which color is which. But every once in awhile she will get it right... weather it be a complete guess or not I will take it!!!
She loves playing with all her toys and has grown to understand so many more toys, like turning them on and off, looking through books, playing with barbies, puzzles, her quite book, and so much more. We keep all the toys in the nursery in the armour, and Blakes makes a mess of all the toys hourly haha!!
She loves her shows! She watches Dora, Bubble, Walykazam, Sofia the first, Any Dr. Seuss, Despicable Me, and Curious George.
She is a pretty good eater. She sometimes sees it and makes a disgusted face and pushes it away. But for the most part she will try most food!! Thank heavens!!! She loves, fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, mac and cheese, pancakes with syrup, chocolate milk, water, apple juice, tortillas, quesedillas, grilled cheese, roman, mashed potatoes, apples, bananas, little cuties, chips, ice cream, candy, chocolate, toast, eggs, cookies, brownies, and much more!!!
She says many words and talks all the time!!! It is so fun to have a full conversation with her. The latest things she says is:
Guitar, Drum, Frog (sounds like the F word... Kinda funny because it is so Innocent!), Choc milk, Here ya go, well..... ( I say well to her when she wants something and she can't have it or something close to that, so she started saying well in the same situation to me!) Bubble Guppies (it used to be just bubble), Hiccup, ribbet, tap (crap), Oppsy daisy, and pretty much anything she hears you say she will repeat or learn to say it. She is a fast learner!! 
Blakes wants a bath anytime anyone is taking a bath or she hears the bath water running. She is a little fish and will swim around in the bath and will lay back in the water to get her hair wet. 
She loves washing her hands in the sink after she goes to the bathroom or just because I am washing mine. She is awesome at picking up her toys... even though sometimes it is a fight to get her to pick them up she knows how to pick them up and put them all away. She helps me clean and wipe things down, and puts dirty clothes in the laundry room or if I am starting a load she is good to help me put the clothes in the washer. 
Blake is still my little Spit Fire and I wonder if Savvy will be my calm child... but who knows!! You get what you can handle haha!!! I love these 2 girls so much and don't know what I would do without their loves!!! Blakelee is such a love, She will come up to me and give me the sweetest hug and say "I uv you mommy!!!" She knows how to turn my day around either to make me super happy or a bit angry if she pushes my buttons. But in the end she always will put a smile on my face. Because she knows when I am mad at her she will just hurry and do what I asked and then run to me with a smile and say "I did it!!!" She is amazing!! Savvy will just grin ear to ear and melt my heart!!! These 2 were meant to be here with me and make my days that much better. 
Blakelee at 5 months and Savvy at 4 months!!!
It is amazing to me to see the difference in their faces. Granted they are making different facials!! But they have such different faces yet so similar!!! You can't see it but Blakelee has much bigger lips then Savvy. And Savvy has a littler face shape. 
It is my favorite to see how similar they are each month!

Monday, January 12, 2015


Sometimes you have to remember everything happens for a reason.. even though it can be tough to remember, it's true. God has a plan for us all and if something is hard it's him testing us or telling us wrong direction.  If things were always easy we would never appreciate the fun and easy times. I'm thankful for my hard times because it has taught me how strong I truly am. I am even more thankful for my happy times. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December in Review

Dec. 1
Kicking off the Christmas season watching Elf!
Dec. 2
Gave Blakelee her first pair of little Piggy Tails!!

Dec, 5
Blake helped me decorate the Christmas Tree!! She was loving it so much. She reminds me so much of me when I was little. Holidays were mine!! She LOVES them!!

This is what she does when she is sleepy.
Dec. 7
Blakelee helping Savvy feel all the different textures in the book.
After church Blakelee wanted to see Jingle Bells.
Dec. 8
Hanging out with my girl while Blakelee naps at Grandma and Grandpas before I went to work.

Dec. 9
First bumbo experience.
 Then helping mommy clean. 
Blake thought it would be a good idea that night to color on our bedspread with a permanent marker.

Dec. 11
My work Christmas Party.
It was held at Fox Hallow Golf Course in the club house. Magleby's catered and a hypnotist came!
Dec. 12
Cuzzy's lunch!!!
I love these girls!!!!
Dec. 13
Going out to see all the house Christmas Lights!!
Dec. 15
Hair post...
 Dec. 17
Beanie Day...
Lazy Tummy Timer.
Dec. 18
Dec. 19 
Anderson Christmas Party.
Decorated Christmas Trees. Had a White Elephant Game. A major game of Dodge Ball. And a yummy dinner.

Dec. 22
Lazy days and Elf Bells made a sprinkle angel.

Dec. 26
Playing with Christmas Toys.

Dec. 28
Savvy Girl...
Morning Snuggles..
And out on the town!!

To end the night. A tummy time workout!!
Dec. 29
Sister tummy time!
My little Sassy Blake..
Bubble Bath at Grandmas house!!
Dec. 31
New Years with the girls!!!!
Snug as a bug in a rug!
December was a blast!!! So sad it is January... BUT So GLAD it is a new year!!! 2014 was ok but kidda sucky... Hoping for a better year this year!!!! Cheers to a fresh start!!!