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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am SO very excited about these Vinyl wall sayings.
I have wanted them since we started decorating, and we finally got them!
Don't they just add?
I think so!!
I have been looking around at so many different craft stores 
to find the ones that would go the best...
..and no such luck.
I was starting to get very devastated that we wouldn't find 
any that we liked!
Finally at the Scrapbook Expo they had some.
They were perfect :D
Everything is coming together!!!
So much more that we want and need.
We will keep you posted as more comes together!!

Crystal Hot Springs!

What a super fun Weekend!!!
My family went up to camp at the Hot Springs.
Griff and I had to work so we made time on Friday night to head up and spend one night with everyone.
It was a blast!!
My parents took up their new Trailer.
It was my first time camping in it and lets just say  it is MUCH better then a tent :D
They did such a great job picking out their trailer it is so good looking inside and homey!!
Over to the Hot Springs.
It was so much fun..
If you have been  to Lava Hot Springs these ones look a lot like them except not as nice!
We had a ton of fun just relaxing in hot water!
Laryssa thought it was the best thing in the world. She is a little fish and didn't want to leave the hot pots.

Who knew we had these fun Hot Pots so close!!
Just up in Honeyville up by Brigham City.
We will be going back up here shortly :D
Time for some dinner and dessert!!
Mmmm Peach Cobbler done on the Dutch Oven!!!!
My favorite.

We got all showered up and in our comfy clothes.
We then put in Indiana Jones and watched it with our Dessert.
Bunk Beds!!!
We slept SO good!!!

The next morning everyone got up and we started getting Breakfast ready!
Ryss came over to our Trailer to visit while Grandma made eggs, She watched Cartoons!!!
Griff having fun with Ryssa Roo!!!
Making Pancakes MMmm!!!
Laryssa loving Lucy!!!
Time for Breakfast!!!
So yummy loving camping food.
For some reason it taste so much better out side.
To bad we couldn't stay...
I had to get to work Saturday afternoon!!
But even just for one day it was so much fun.
I love camping and can not wait for the next time we go camping.
June for sure but who knows Griff and I might go up with our tent and enjoy the Good Outdoors :D