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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Our Amazing Home!! We live in such a perfect Town House it is such a fun place
and I get to live here with the love of my life!! It feels like home..
When we first got married our house was empty with nothing on the walls but now it is all coming together and is so much fun!! I love decorating our house and making it all OURS!!!
 Our Master Bedroom!!! LOVE it so much!!
 Master Bath. It also has a walk in closet that is very large :D Good thing!!

 The spare bathroom!!
 The Laundry Room!! I love our Shelf it makes the room so darling!
 Spare room also there is one next to this one but as of now it has all the things we need to
find places for it still! :D
 Half Bathroom down on the main level!!
 Kitchen Table!! We have wanted this table for a very long time now.
 The kitchen!!

 This is our humble home it is my favorite place to be with my favorite guy!!

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

We were on our way to my Cousins Baby Shower, Lindsay and Laryssa met us
at the parents house so we could all car pool!!
Laryssa is just the cutest Lindsay had the cutest Hat on her, She looked
like a baby model.

 Spicing up her outfit with Jewlery is her FAVORTIE thing in the world!!!

 Sugar!!! If it is sweet she loves it

 My mom is the Nicest Lady ever!! I love her <3

This was such a fun day out with the girls!!!