"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hokulia Ice

Do you want to know what a Hokulia Shaved Ice is?? You will have to go to Provo and experience it yourself! It is amazing. See the ones in our hands? Those are smalls.. can you imagine getting a medium or a large? Holy moly it was so much shaved ice but yet so good. It is not your typical Snow Shack with the typical snow cone texture. It is more fluffy and delicious!!! They have this awesome machine that makes the ice like a cotton texture, they put as many flavors on top but we only did 3. Then you can pay $1 extra and get a scoop of ice cream in the middle.
We asked our friends Luke and Chelsea to meet us there.
It is the perfect treat on a summer day!


Because on the 4th we all missed the firework show... we decided that we would shoot off some at my parents house on 5th. They had bought some fun ones, so they invited us all to watch!! Griff and Zach both had other things going on so they weren't there. We did sparklers and had normal fireworks as well as the in the sky ones!! It wouldn't be July without fireworks! :D
LOVE watching fireworks, so glad that we were able to light some off!!

*4th of July*

4th of July this year was fun but different, with it being on a weekday it is hard to stay out late. In the morning Griff went into work, I had the day off. So I met up with my family at my sisters house and we had German Pancakes for breakfast. They were so yummy!!! Afterwards my mom and I went to Walmart to register for Blakelee. We were there for a few hours and got some great things on our registry. We then decided to go get Pedicures. :D
It was amazing to have someone rub my feet!! I loved every minute of the pedi and am hoping to get a few more before Blake is born. The rest of the afternoon we just vegged and had some lunch. Griff came over once he had finished his shift and a few holes of golf. It was then time to head to Sugar House for our annual BBQ and fireworks!! They food was delicious and the company was great. Love spending time with the family. We didn't stay for the firework show because we both had to work early the next day, so we took off around 9:30. We did get a fun firework show on the drive home!! Basically every city was shooting them off! Such a fun day, can not believe how fast this year is going... July is almost over. Crazy!!!

24th Birthday

For my Birthday this year Griff spoiled me!! With it being Leap Year it made my birthday land on a Sunday... Dang it. Sunday birthday's are really hard. So we celebrated all weekend long. On Friday when I got off work Griff took me to the Olive Garden, then over to the Home Goods store because I wanted to maybe buy something for our house with my birthday money.
So I got some lamps for our room, and some bamboo stuff for our floor vase. It looks so good all set up!! Then on Saturday I had the day off. I met up with Griff and we went to Chef Tom's Francesco's for dinner. I had never been there it was a really delicious place!! After dinner we went to a movie. Then home for bed!!
On July 1st my actual birthday Griff woke up and made me breakfast in bed. He did a bagel, breakfast burritos, and yogurt mmm...!!!
We had a really great morning just hanging out and relaxing then we went to my parents for some dinner and cake. Then over to Griff's family for movie night and gifts. I got some really awesome presents this year. Everyone really spoiled me!!
26 weeks!!
Even my visiting teacher spoiled me!!
Thank you for such a fun Birthday everyone, especially my hubby!! 24 has been a great age so far :)


On June 23rd our friends were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple!!
Congrats Karalee, Corbin, and Chloee we are so very excited and proud of you.
Griff and his family went to the temple to support them.. I had to work! Bummer I know, I hate missing the fun but I was able to head down town after work to eat dinner with them all.
After the sealing they invited us all over to The Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square.
It was such a special day!!
Thank you for letting us celebrate this amazing time with you!