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Sunday, July 22, 2012

24th Birthday

For my Birthday this year Griff spoiled me!! With it being Leap Year it made my birthday land on a Sunday... Dang it. Sunday birthday's are really hard. So we celebrated all weekend long. On Friday when I got off work Griff took me to the Olive Garden, then over to the Home Goods store because I wanted to maybe buy something for our house with my birthday money.
So I got some lamps for our room, and some bamboo stuff for our floor vase. It looks so good all set up!! Then on Saturday I had the day off. I met up with Griff and we went to Chef Tom's Francesco's for dinner. I had never been there it was a really delicious place!! After dinner we went to a movie. Then home for bed!!
On July 1st my actual birthday Griff woke up and made me breakfast in bed. He did a bagel, breakfast burritos, and yogurt mmm...!!!
We had a really great morning just hanging out and relaxing then we went to my parents for some dinner and cake. Then over to Griff's family for movie night and gifts. I got some really awesome presents this year. Everyone really spoiled me!!
26 weeks!!
Even my visiting teacher spoiled me!!
Thank you for such a fun Birthday everyone, especially my hubby!! 24 has been a great age so far :)

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