"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yummy Goodies

My mom and I always like to bake lots of goodies for Christmas. We started baking the other goodies a week or so before but we ran out of time to finish all the other ones. So the weekend before Christmas I went over and we went to town. We made Oreo's covered in chocolate, Marshmallows in chocolate, sugar cookies, and re did our fudge because the other batch didn't work out. We had our Christmas Music going. I love this day!!!
So glad that we have this tradition. I can not wait to continue it with Blakelee!!!

Laryssa's Holiday Program

Laryssa has been been going to Preschool this last year. She absolutely loves it and her teachers!! They decided to have a Holiday Program for Christmas on December 19th. So in the morning we all headed over to the school to watch her and her class sing lots of fun songs. They had reindeer headbands on and a bow on their bum for a tail. It was the cutest thing ever. Ryss loved that she was able to be in front of so many people singing to them. Afterwards we got a treat and talked for a while. Then headed to Zupa's for lunch. It was so much fun being able to hang out with my cute nieces and family!!
Good job baby girl you rocked up there!!!

Anderson Christmas Party

On December 16th I went over to my moms house to help her bake some goodies. Griff went over to his moms for a while so we could bake!! Blake's was so good just sat in the high chair and hung out with us. After a while she wanted to be held so my dad came to the rescue. My mom and I made Peanut Brittle and Fudge. Mmmm So yummy!!
When the baking was over We all headed over to my aunt Michelle's house for our annual Christmas Party. We had a great dinner and chatted for awhile then headed down stairs for the white elephant game. Griff and I ended up with a weather station.
Jaelyn's Hat!! :)
It was a fun night for sure. Love Christmas Parties!!