"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6 months and 2 1/2

Back in March Blakelee hit her 2 and a half mark!! NO WAY! Stop growing. I know I say that every month but it is so true! She is getting so big and so stinking cute. She still has her spit fire personality and her sass which secretly I have a love, even though it can get exhausting at times. I love knowing she can hold her own and tell you how it is. She has a shy side but when she warms up she won't stop talking and running around. Her vocab is amazing for a 2 year old. You can usually understand exactly what she is saying. Sometimes I have to translate her words for people, but for the most part she is clear as day. She knows all her colors other then she gets confused on brown. She gets confused on counting, but most of the time she can count to 10 and sometimes to 12 by herself. She loves to dress herself and will wear dresses with a shoe change every 5 minutes. She loves having her hair done even though it gets messed up within an hour. She loves to match Savvy or me, either with clothing, shoes, or hair do! She is so into Disney right now. All the princesses and characters are her favorite thing. She wants to listen to all the Disney songs while we do things around the house. Watch any Disney movie she can and loves her Minnie Mouse jammies! She loves her toys, dolls, and animals. She is very territorial with them, but will share them on her terms and when it is her idea. She loves food!!! She can be picky at times but for the most part she eats almost anything. She might not eat it all but she will at least try it. She loves milk, chocolate milk, water, and juice and would rather drink that then eat most of the time. She loves having stories read to her and brushing her teeth. She loves taking baths and getting her own hair wet. She loves to pre tend and will make up stories and talk and play for hours!!! She loves forts, and pre tending the blankets are tents and hiding from the rain under the blanket. She is still potty training she is almost there. I am just getting to the point to try solid no diapers!!! She does really good when she doesn't have a diaper on. She is getting so tall but is so skinny. She can usually still wear 24 month things but they might be a bit short. She is my silly happy girl and will hug you and make your day the best. She will wipe away tears and kiss your check and tell you you are OK. She is my angel and was sent to me to be my rock! She is my best friend and I would be lost without her!!!
These two though!!
 This little lady is getting to big too!! She is already 9 months and I will still do a blog for where she is currently at now.
But back at 6 months she had a pretty regular routine..
She would wake up still 1-2 times a night for a binky and to be re wrapped with blankets. 
She still loves to be swaddled at night. 
She was rolling more but that was all the mobile she was.
Couldn't sit on her own but was really close.
Eating around 6-8oz.
Would wake up for a morning bottle around 7am. Then go back to sleep till about 10am. Up for some breakfast foods then with a bottle back down around 11am. Up around 2pm for lunch and play time. Back down with a bottle around 3or 4pm. Up around 5 ish for dinner and play time until bed time routine of bath bottle bed!
Smiley girl.
Loves to laugh.
Loves food.
Loves her bottle and gets so excited when she sees hers!
Acts like a 3 month old, snuggling still (which I love!!!!) being rocked, and still won't hold her own bottle.
This baby girl is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Her smile will seriously make you melt to a puddle. Her eyes will make you cave and pick her up. Her sad little cry will make you go get her from trying to get her to cry it out. She has me wrapped tight around her sweet little finger. Whoever meets her will seriously fall in love with her!!! She is perfection!

Monday, June 8, 2015

March in Review

..March 1st..
Jammie Day!!

..March 3rd..
Naked girl!! Blakelee was running through the house after her bath. 

..March 5th..
Savvy's 6 month appointment.
She is so tiny!! 25% for about everything.

After the appointment Blakes loved watching Netflix in her chair.
..March 6th..
Breakfast at Kneaders with my parents. Errands and strobe light dancing.

 Then of course courtesy cone!!
..March 8th..
Sunday with my girls. Love these girls with all my heart! Blakelee would not go to nursery alone so Savvy and I tagged along.

 ..March 11th..
Miss Savvy loves food!!! She will eat anything placed in front of her and will say "mmm" the whole time! Haha! We love our baths in this house!!

..March 13th..
Savvy was blowing bubbles and I was laughing hysterically, so Blakelee had to join in.

..March 14th..
After work we decided to go to the Waffle Love truck to have dinner!! Blakelee was in heaven.
..March 15th..
Sunday night we went to my parents house for dinner and a fire. It was such a great night. I love camp fires! Then we had to take a bath before we got in our jammies!

..March 17th..
St. Patricks Day!!!
We had to make green pancakes with Lucky Charms.

..March 19th..
We got ready for the day to go have a play date with Jaelyn! Then that night we went to see Insurgent!!

..March 20th..
Potty Training Days!!!
She was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch. I was nervous she was going to have an accident, but she slept for over an hour and woke up dry!!
 ..March 21st..
Love having girls and dolling them up for a day on the town!

..March 22nd..
We love Sundays!! It can be hard to get us all up in the morning and be on time to church. But we get there haha! After church and naps the girls love to play with each other.

..March 23rd..
Just getting ready for Easter!

..March 26th..
"What is this? A Pretzel!"
She loved the salt. .
Bath time!
..March 27th..
Went to my uncles house for haircuts! Blakelee loved hanging out with him because he looks like Papa Scott and Savvy loved the puppy!!!

Afterwards went to my parents house and had to get a picture of Blakelee with Papa Scott like she did with Uncle Trent!! And Savvy is just a doll!!
 ..March 29th..
Church time 
Food time
Play time

..March 31st..
Changing diapers and outfits are a bit tough when they get mobile haha! 
March is gone and we are already in summer! Trying to catch up with all the fun and cute pictures!! Don't worry I take at least a picture a day! I don't do it on purpose I just do. They are my everything!