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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crisp Night In Park City

August 23-24th Lara and I went on a last little getaway before little miss made her debut!! We stayed at the Sunrise Lodge in Park City. It was seriously one of the prettiest hotels I have stayed in. It had a little kitchenette, balcony, 2 awesome beds, beautiful bathroom, and very spacious. They had free Hot Chocolate in the lobby along with a huge fire place. And a great hot tub and pool. The hotel was huge!!! Plus there was a few others just across the way. They all looked like very large cabins. The hotel was up the mountain a bit so it was very cold. Which was great to have the crisp breeze, I was beyond ready for fall!!!
When we got there we got checked and explored our room then decided to go grab a bit to eat at downtown park city. When we got there we realized that the restaurants didn't open till 5:30... kinda lame!!! So we had a half hour to go exploring!! We did find an awesome soap shop so we got some bath bombs. If you haven't ever tried a bath bomb... You NEED to go buy one right now!! We then made our way to The Flying Sumo and had the Vegas Roll!!! Mmm Delicious.
Just about to load up on the FREE hot chocolate!!! That was the best thing ever!
Then of course it wouldn't be vacation without a soak in the Hot Tub!!! It was perfect with the Crisp fall air and the hot tub mixture. I was in Heaven!!!!
In the morning it was go home day... Very quick vacation. I so wish that we could have stayed much longer to enjoy the hotel and everything else. But it was just the one night that we could make work. So in the morning we got up and ready, packed our bags and headed to McDonald's for some breakfast. Then of course we hit the Outlets and bought some clothes!!!
The balcony outside of our room!
Our view!
Awww Fireplace in the lobby!!
 The Cozy Hotel!!
Until next time PC!!!
Girls trips will be happening more and more often!!!!

Herriman Lake Day

On August 14th my Sister in Law Megan and all her sisters and their sister in laws were going to the Herriman Lake to spend the day. So Whitney and I met up with everyone that afternoon. It was a perfect day. The water was a bit chilly but the sun was hot. 
I loved that lake I will be going all the time next summer now that I know it's there. Blakelee had a blast. She is defiantly her mommy's daughter, loves the sunshine and the water. She had so much fun playing in the sand and was so sad when it was time to go home. 
Such a fun day!!!


On July 24th this year Griff had to work. So Blakelee and I went over to my mom and dads in the morning to hang out with them through out the day.
In the afternoon we went over to my Grandmas house for a BBQ and fireworks.
My mom brought the pool and water guns for all the kids to play with. We ended up getting in a pretty big water fight haha. It was a lot of fun. Next we played some games with all the family.
Button button who has the button!!
Next time for fireworks.
Any day with fireworks puts me in a good mood!

Derek and Julianne Hough

On July 17th my mom and I went to see Julianne and Derek Hough in concert.
They were amazing. We had pretty good seats just off the side of thee stage. When we got there we got some treats and enjoyed the show. During intermission we got some snacks and watched the rest of the show. I wish I could dance like them.... I guess I wish I was still dancing! Oh how it made me miss dancing!!!! I really need to find a dance class.
Derek is so CUTE!!!! Him and Julianne came into the crowd and sang and danced and let anyone pretty much swarm them! He did more of a train line dance. We weren't down on the floor so I didn't go down and join but it was so fun to see them interact with their fans.
Love date nights with my mom.  She is an amazing lady LOVE her!