"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Thursday, December 17, 2009


After a long day of eating tons of food my family and Griffins family headed to the Movie Theaters to see a 3D Movie The Christmas Carol.
At Grandma Andersons for Desert! Mmmm!!!!

My Cute Grandpa Payne!
Oh Laryssa really enjoyed her first Thanksgiving Dinner!! She had her food everywhere haha!
Sitting down for Some Yummy Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma Paynes!!

All the Cousins (minus 4) Waiting Paiently for dinner to be ready!!

My cute Cousin and Grandma made these adorable little turkeys for a table decoration!

Love my Familyy!!

It would not be Thanksgiving with out some Football!!

Laryssa Just waking up from her nap and ready to have her First Thanksgiving Dinner!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Time

Our Pumpkins!!
Ghost- Mine
Witch- Dads
I Love my Little Lady Bug!! <3

She is just adorable as ever!

Nightmare on 13th with our Friends.
Halloween Night at Lindsay's for some traditonal White Chille, Football game, Trick or Treating, and Of course Costumes :)
<3 The most precious Lady Bug ever seen!

Griffin with Laryssa! He just adores her.
Lets get Scared!!! Heading to the Haunted Forest!!
A smooch in the Pumpkin Patch at Cornbellys!!!
Cinderella's Carriage Ride <3

Lets Just say we Do Not Fit!! This was the Biggest Rocker I ever saw haha!
Hay Ride Time
I love Halloween!!!

La Caille Dinner

Mmmm hahah snails!!

Such an amazing Dinner we had such a great time there together. It was so pretty!!

Good Things Utah!!

Good Things Utah with my mom, sister, and grandma!!
Hahahah They were Vampires!!
Pretty sweet costumes if I do say so myself.

Lindsay and I waitin in the audience! We went for my moms Birthday, she had no idea it was a complete suprise until we pulled up into the parking lot. Such a good time!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a Great Life

Griffin and I at the Fair. We had a lot of fun riding the rides and going to the "Freak Shows" now those are something else.
The Bee's Baseball Game, Last one of the season and they did not go out with a bang! Sad day!

We are Goofs and I Absolutley LOVE it!

My family

I Love her so much, Laryssa is such a sweet baby girl I love being an aunt! She will turn your day into the best day ever just by getting to and hold her! She is such a blessing.
Vegas Babyy!! Griffin and I went down to Vegas with his family for his 21 Birthday. We both we old enough to gamble so we thought it would be fun to head to Vegas see a few Magic Shows, walk the strip, Gamble, and eat at the buffets! We had a blast it was a trip I will never Forget!!

PS I love Palm Trees
The Fun Bus to Wendover!!! What a night. Griff played in a poker tourney and took 5th place! We gambled and had free Cocktail so we got VIRGIN cocktails and made it the funnest night out!

Our winnings!
Girls night out to the Gateway!! Dinner and Shopping, Can not beat that.
Griff took me to the Melting Pot just for a perfect Date Night! We got all Dolled up, saw a movie then headed to have the best Desert ever!!!

I am IN LOVE with this guy! More then anyone knows, He is my life and I do not know what I would do with out him. He makes me laugh more then anyone and knows me better then I know myself. He always is there and know how to cheer me up and make my day! He is my everything <3 I love you Babe!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This year in July I turned 21!! How crazy it was knowing that I was offical and no longer a teen. My Birthday morning I hung out and did whatever sounded fun to me, got my nails done, watched movies, and layed out. That night I got ready Griff came picked me up and took me out to Red Lobster for dinner. It was so Delicious! Afterwards we went to my house my Grandparents were there along with Lindsay Zach and Laryssa. We had pie and I got to open my presents from everyone! Wow did I get Spolied!
The 4th of July came and went to fast this year! This is one of my all time favorite Holidays. In the morning we had breakfast with my Grandparents we all had a good time with that. Later in the after noon we headed to the other side of the family had a big lunch played outside and just enjoyed each other. That night we went to Sugar House Park to have a BBQ with the family we did little Fireworks that the uncles had bought then once it got dark the Big Fireworks began so we all sat on the grass with our blankets and popcicles and watched the amazing show!

This past week my family and I headed down to Lake Powell for a few days. We hadn't been there in many years so it was such a fun Trip for us to go back down have a great time. This trip was full of adventures, after filling up with gas we could not get the boat to start... The marina had to get some workers to come take a look at it and come to find out we forgot to turn the kill switch back on. Looks like im not the only blonde in the family haha. Later in the trip we all jumped in the lake to cool off seeing how it was 112* down there. We swam around and had a ball once we got back in the boat my Grandpa realized he swam with his wallet in his pocket... So with it being so hot we took everything out of the wallet and layed it out in the sun to dry, it didn't take long. Later threw the day we would stop to look at canyons or take a dip in the lake, Go back to start the boat to continue on and it would die for a second becuase of the heat... We would have to let it sit and cool off for a bit then start it back up and it would run perfect. On the way home we stopped at Blondie's to get fuel my dad and Grandpa saw the the tire on the trailer had a bubble on it. So my dad said he would watch it out of his mirror as we drove so we could get back on the road. Driving down the highway all the sudden the truck started shaking well come to find out a piece of the tire shredded off and we had to stop on the side of the road to change the tire. Luckly we had a spare for the trailer! But all in all it was such a fun trip and for sure one I will never forget!!