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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentines with my Loves

On February 11th Griff, Blakelee and I went to Longhorn Steakhouse for an early Valentines Dinner. We wanted to beat the crowds. There was no wait!! Griff has been wanting to try their steak for so long now, so he was very excited to be able to eat there. Since we were new our waiter gave us a free appetizer!!! How nice.
This was the appetizer we chose!! It was cheese fries, I promise they were SO good!! But look at how ginormous it was. We couldn't finish it.
Next came our food!!!
It was so delicious. Mmmm.
Griff got the Outlaw Ribeye...
... and I got the Fillet and Lobster Tail.
It was seriously one of the best dinners we have had in a long time :)!!

On Valentines Day I made a scavenger hunt for Griff to do in our house. When he walked in the first envelope was on the ground for him to start... It continued through the bathroom, kitchen, curtains, and the last one was on the stairs to the basement. Each clue he found was with a gift!! He loved it.
Probably his favorite gift so far!!
He loved his Puma shirt!! He was thrilled to wear it.
Miss Blakelee got such a cute little Zebra outfit for this fall.
All the fun gifts!!
Griff gave me such a beautiful Rose!!! It is still alive and is so perfect. He also had ordered me the Rose Gold Fossil watch that I have been wanting for such a long time. So I got it a week later!!
Blake is such a sweet little Valentine!! We had so much fun giving her a cute gift and hanging out with her till her bed time! She is the best!!
Of COURSE Griff wanted to play with his Nerf gun. Boys will be boys haha!! He loves it.
Awww!!!! My watch!! LOVE it.
Isn't it pretty??
We called and ordered some pizza. We wanted a heart shape and when we ordered it we told them that. But... when we went to pick it up and brought it home this is what we got!! I was super bummed!! It was very good still but I wanted it to be heart for love day.
We turned on The Walking Dead and had a little picnic on the floor with our pizza! Such a fun night.
Gifts from Grandma & Grandpa Payne
Gifts from my mom & dad!!
We had a great Valentines Day. I love LOVE day. 


Wild Child- 2/26
Animal Print-2/9
Pretty Like Mommy-2/19
Polka Dots- 2/10
Pink Monkeys-1/7
Red and Black- 12/25
1st Christmas- 12/16
Ballerina Jammies- 12/7
Zebra- 12/6
Red Flowers- 12/2
Pink Flower Jammies- 11/29
Purple Heart Jammies- 11/28
Pink and Black- 11/25
Brown Vest- 11/24
Animal Print Jammies- 11/23
Puma- 11/22
Kitty- 11/15
Daisy Jammies- 11/9
Duck Jammies- 11/7
Bow and Polka Dots- 11/6
Grandpa's Girl- 11/5
Blessing Dress- 11/4
Hugs- 11/1
Purple and Jeans- 10/29
Teddy Bear- 10/24
New Born Romper- 10/10
Black Bow- 10/9
Mommy's Little Witch- 10/5
Pink- 10/4
Elephant- 10/3

I know that I have already put some of these same pictures on my blog but I love that you can see all her super cute Adorable outfits!! I love and appreciate all the clothes that everyone gave her. It is so sad that she is growing so fast and some of these outfits were only worn once or twice!!! Good thing I love pictures and took pictures of most of her clothes. Look at how much she has grown! She is getting so big so fast. Love her so much.