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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Wild Child- 2/26
Animal Print-2/9
Pretty Like Mommy-2/19
Polka Dots- 2/10
Pink Monkeys-1/7
Red and Black- 12/25
1st Christmas- 12/16
Ballerina Jammies- 12/7
Zebra- 12/6
Red Flowers- 12/2
Pink Flower Jammies- 11/29
Purple Heart Jammies- 11/28
Pink and Black- 11/25
Brown Vest- 11/24
Animal Print Jammies- 11/23
Puma- 11/22
Kitty- 11/15
Daisy Jammies- 11/9
Duck Jammies- 11/7
Bow and Polka Dots- 11/6
Grandpa's Girl- 11/5
Blessing Dress- 11/4
Hugs- 11/1
Purple and Jeans- 10/29
Teddy Bear- 10/24
New Born Romper- 10/10
Black Bow- 10/9
Mommy's Little Witch- 10/5
Pink- 10/4
Elephant- 10/3

I know that I have already put some of these same pictures on my blog but I love that you can see all her super cute Adorable outfits!! I love and appreciate all the clothes that everyone gave her. It is so sad that she is growing so fast and some of these outfits were only worn once or twice!!! Good thing I love pictures and took pictures of most of her clothes. Look at how much she has grown! She is getting so big so fast. Love her so much.

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