"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

 Happy Thanksgiving... This weekend was such a great one it was our first Thanksgiving being married!! In the morning we got all ready and headed to the Bland's for Dinner. When we got their we just hung out and talked with everyone, Dev, Eric, April, and The Grandparents (Meg had to work on Thanksgiving :( So she headed home the night before) The Turkey was being so Stubborn and was not cooking fast enough, it had been in the cooker all day but the timer would not pop!! So Scott, Debbie, and Griff were trying to get the Turkey juice out so Debbie could start making the Gravy while the Turkey kept cooking... During the process the juice spilled all over Debbies hand!!! It was so sad... it was red right away!! So she had ice and cold water on it all night. Finally the turkey timer popped!! Time for din din. We sat down and had such a good time with our loved ones!!

 After dinner Griff and I headed over to my families for Dessert!! My mom makes the best homemade pumpkin pie!! So we get their and my mom starts to cut and eat her pie... Come to find out the pumpkin she used had gone bad so the pie was not good!! So we through it out and her and I ran over to Village Inn before they closed for the night, to grab a pie. We got a Pumpkin Cream it was so good!! Mom's pie is still better but it was yummy!! We then played Apple's to Apple's haha and Griff was the Winner both games!! Beginers Luck! :D

 Off to Park City to hit the Outlets at Midnight!!! It was so much fun we got Griff some new Basketball shoes and us some Oakley shirts!! After the Outlets we headed back to my parents house around 4am took a power nap for 30 mins then up at 5am with my mom to hit Target, Walmart, Sears, Cabellas, Rod works, and Bath and Body Works!! It was not the best Black Friday because the deals were not that great this year! But we had a blast with our families and each other!! Griff was a trooper and hit all the stores with us!!

 After Black Friday shopping we got home around 10am and Griff and I hit the sack so fast!! We took about a 4 hour nap... Woke up got ready and drove to Hollywood Connections for a movie with my family we went and saw Tangled!! It was super adorable. After the movie we went back to my Grandmas for a Ham dinner! YUMMY!! What a great Holiday weekend :D

 Thanks LOVE You are the best you always know how to put a smile on my face!!!

Snow storm that hit us really bad!!! Thank goodness it is over!! And that our families are safe and that our Weekend was such a great one!!!!

The Big 5-0

For my dad's Birthday (Which is really Tomorrow) My mom Planned this huge Surpise 50th Birthday :D!! My dad is not one that likes to be center of attention so once he found out what my mom had done, sitting in the parking lot before they went into the party he saw one of his work buddies, he was not to happy but he had a great time with all his friends and family!!! 

 That morning my mom and I ran Helter to Scelter to get everything done!! It was an all day event but we had such a great time planning it and preparing for it!!!

 Waiting for the....

 Now time for the party :D Food and Fun.

 My dad got some great gifts haha it was such funny things. People are so Creative!!

We had such a fun time. My dad really enjoyed himself and was happy after all that my mom went through all the work she did to make his 50th Birthday memorable. My dad is the Greatest guy ever!!! We love him so much <3

Bake Bake Bake

 My cute mom and myself made Pumkin Cake!! It is delicious, So rich yet so yummy!!